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  1. Iceman101

    Would you go around with your 20k PRS?

    I would buy a prs se hollowbody. Not as fancy as a PS but more than good enough for lessons
  2. Iceman101

    NGD (updated with pix): I did a purple thing

    Purple Louis Vuitton Vela?:eek:
  3. Iceman101

    Which of these bolt-on guitars should PRS return to production?

    The lord of the wings must be very proud Im my defense; old picture…
  4. Iceman101

    Which of these bolt-on guitars should PRS return to production?

    something like this??? :cool:
  5. Iceman101

    NGD - Starla content

    Congrats, and a little mod suggestion :cool:
  6. Iceman101

    P90 Guitar

    I can't say I don't like p90's
  7. Iceman101

    PRS CE24 Static Noise - Please help!

    I know that pickguards and backplates can cause static noise. So a ground wire to the screw that holds the backplate makes some sense. But I don;t know if that is a correct way to solve the problem in a technical way. I have a Tele with a pickguard that generates static noise. I seem to remember...
  8. Iceman101

    War on Xmas

    Hey Serge what did you do to this guy so that he wants to p!ss you off big time???
  9. Iceman101


    Congrats buddy, stunner:cool: Begs the question why se7en?;)
  10. Iceman101

    Photo shoot: PS3558

    Badass :cool::cool:
  11. Iceman101

    Might need a Mira...

    Scroll to 6:18. Howards Mira
  12. Iceman101

    NGD: SusStudio

    Congrats buddy, it's fun to see something unusual. Although a couple of weeks ago a studio was for sale in my neighborhood. Unfortunately some battlescars and a little overpriced to my taste.
  13. Iceman101

    Might need a Mira...

    The Lilac is the one Sergio talks about :cool:
  14. Iceman101

    The best color for a PRS in your opinion?

    Sergio blue The rarest of color’s :cool:
  15. Iceman101

    PRS Europe

    Not bad :)
  16. Iceman101

    We lost Taylor Hawkins

    Dude always seemed to be a nice guy. Much too young to die....
  17. Iceman101

    Best Gig Evar!!!!

    I had the opportunity to visit the studio with a friend. We went there to show some guitars to one of the studio- musicians, who was laying down tracks for a fairly well-known band at the time. a couple of band members used to be part of my friend’s former band. I ended up buying the...
  18. Iceman101

    Best Gig Evar!!!!

    In Amsterdam ? Probably Wisseloord studios ?
  19. Iceman101

    NGD Singlecut action

    Rad! Congrats buddy
  20. Iceman101

    Show your SC-J Thinline!

    Dunno, but I have a few