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  1. vchizzle

    NGD (updated with pix): I did a purple thing

    Ultra bangin’!
  2. vchizzle

    NGD! Graveyard II!!!

    Sick GYII man! Hoping to see one in person one day.
  3. vchizzle

    Just got out of surgery

    Good deal Paul! Finish healing up soon man!
  4. vchizzle


    She’s a beaut Clark! Best color for that model IMO. Almost went scouring CME for a DC22 right when I saw your thread title!
  5. vchizzle

    If money was no object what PRS guitar would you have

    Probably the SC dragon - calling @11top I might actually go with a double neck though because it’s something I couldn’t ever justify owning even though it would be rad.
  6. vchizzle

    Your choice for a $100-ish Wah

    Cantrell wah is awesome. A little less top end on the toe forward position. The heel down seems to have a wider sweep that doesn’t muddy up. I think it would work great for what you do. Don’t underestimate because it’s a heavy rock dude’s pedal. Guthrie Govan uses it.
  7. vchizzle

    Been bummed out by PRS lately

    That sucks but it’s kind of expected if there’s demand there. Example- the 408. Existed because of a limited PS run. If people are screaming for something and PRS can make money…business is business. It’s a risk you run when you pony up on PS “limited run” or wait and hope it’s popular...
  8. vchizzle

    Changed my mind

    Totally understand. I used to have an AxeFx ultra that I used into a tube power amp. While I thought the effects were awesome, even preferred in some cases, I hated going in the menus to create or tweak things. I use an eventide h9 which you pull the “menu” up on your phone- pretty much a pedal...
  9. vchizzle

    Wonderful Clip - Granddaughter's Real Deal Show

    Excellently done. Not sure which is Omi but top notch talent all around, judging by that clip! Congrats, gramps!
  10. vchizzle

    I finally “nutted up” on adjusting my own action and intonation

    Yes, I generally just use the PRS general setup guide measurements as my starting point and usually stick pretty close to that. The music nomad neck/headstock rest is what I have on my bench. With it’s shape, it can be low enough when set on its side to move it closer to the body of the guitar...
  11. vchizzle

    PRS Fiore

    Inquiring minds want to know.
  12. vchizzle

    I finally “nutted up” on adjusting my own action and intonation

    Great and important things to learn if one doesn’t want to waste time and money. Even more important, nobody knows how you play or want your guitar to feel. Most people who do this for a living, have a kind of stock starting point. While that’s good for many people, it may not to be to your...
  13. vchizzle

    Any love for torrified necks -- and why aren't there more of them?

    Mine is my favorite neck on all of my guitars by a mile. I’d put it on most of my guitars if I could. I would think if the demand was there, they’d build more? That’s usually what fuels the fire for PRS. I’d like to see them do a bigger run of say 100 on a popular seller like a custom 24 and...
  14. vchizzle

    Replacing Inlays

    Buy a new guitar. Sorry, it’s just the better option.
  15. vchizzle

    Another, what model is this?

    Fun. I really want to see pics. Sounding like McCarty rosewood. Trem or stoptail?
  16. vchizzle

    NGD! I guess I'm official now...

    I haven't seen one in person but by your photos, they do a remarkable job with these guitars. The details are spectacular.
  17. vchizzle

    What do you take to make your PRS sing!?

    My buddy just turned his Matchless chieftain over to me for awhile…
  18. vchizzle

    Might need a Mira...

    Always amazed at how effortlessly Paul sings. Sammy sounded strained. On that note, singers gotta shut up every once in awhile so we can focus on the guitar;):D
  19. vchizzle

    Private Stock Friday

    Hopefully doesn’t have a dog hair back or I might cry.
  20. vchizzle

    Had an unfortunate mishap this weekend (battle scars!!!)

    I had a McCarty refinished in a really killer pearl white paint some years ago. I laid it on top of my guitar case which was on top of a covered pool table. The pool table was on a concrete floor. Take a guess… Yeah, somehow that beautiful pearly white PRS ended up on the concrete and now has a...