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  1. Moondog Wily

    Private Stock Friday

    I only need 3 of this weeks PS! The Vela, the one-piece ME V SH and the ME V in pink/green burl!! Y'all can fight over the rest of them!!!
  2. Moondog Wily

    Private Stock Special Semi-hollow Limited Edition

    First PS I have seen with a >9999 PS#: PS10020! And this store has TWO of them? WOW!! PS10009 They sure are purty!!!
  3. Moondog Wily

    Another Brief Extravaganza

    Feels to me like a somber victory march to the precipice overlooking the conquered lands! Smells like, victory!! Thanks for sharing!!!
  4. Moondog Wily

    NGD! Graveyard II!!!

    You may have your dream guitar, but don't stop dreamin'! Great score and ever so many congrats!! That is a true treasure!!!
  5. Moondog Wily


    OUCH! I would bleed for a taste of that frost!! Keep 'em commin', a man can dream (and you have spec'd many a dreamer)!!!
  6. Moondog Wily

    Another Studio Photo Dump

    Who wears a long sleeve tux? COME ON!! That single button really ties the tux together though!!!
  7. Moondog Wily

    John Mann's Guitar Vault Mailing List!

    Holy nut sack! I suddenly feel I need to speak Santana!! Great stuff Mr. Mann, thanks for sharing!!!
  8. Moondog Wily

    Would you go around with your 20k PRS?

    I agree with the insurance chain of thought! Get some of that and then enjoy your guitar whenever/wherever you want!! Granted, if the insurance company ends up paying out to you, you will still have to deal with replacing it, but let it live and do the same yourself!!! Another option to consider...
  9. Moondog Wily

    Private Stock Special Semi-hollow Limited Edition

    That is a hottie! I think that might be the best PRS promo video I have seen!! Thanks for sharing!!!
  10. Moondog Wily

    it's official!!

    Killer score! Cheers to many more!! That is one helluva top!!!
  11. Moondog Wily

    Tap Into America!!

    I didn't know you were allowed to play guitar if you had not scene this film! OK, make sure you have a couple of days to recover from side aches and tears of laughter!! BEST MOCUMENTARY/ROCKUMENTARY EVER PUBLISHED!!!
  12. Moondog Wily

    Tap Into America!!

    I'm only watching it after I know that I won't have to see Derek Smalls trapped in that cocoon again! That was too much for me!! Hearing "Big Bottom" is a trigger moment in my world!!!
  13. Moondog Wily

    Private Stock Friday

    Thanks for the super load of drool material! Maybe Friday the 13th ain't so bad!! Kapow!!!
  14. Moondog Wily

    Hard Shell Case for S2 Starla with Bigsby

    I do not trust gator on their advice of whether guitars fit in case X from them. I bought a acoustic case from them in 2020 after having confirmed with them via email and their fit check online, and when it arrived, my Martin J-40 did NOT fit in there. The reason was the length of the body was...
  15. Moondog Wily

    NGD!! 2014 Mira

    That is tight! Would like to try one of those some day!! Hope it brings you pleasure beyond measure!!!
  16. Moondog Wily

    NGD - Starla content

    Nice fiddle! Congrats!!
  17. Moondog Wily

    NGW(week) Trifecta

    The power of the 3! Congrats on some fine choices!! Enjoy 3 times over!!!
  18. Moondog Wily

    Guitar theory and practice routines

    So instead of over your head, it was more like head in hand?
  19. Moondog Wily


    Talk about a purp walk! I am already in handcuffs for trying to make that one mine by all means necessary!! Thanks for sharing your purple dream machine!!!
  20. Moondog Wily

    Guitar theory and practice routines

    Complete Color-Coded Flash Cards I must say, I would have trouble shuffling flash cards while I am playing, but some have got that magic!