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  1. The Ratchet

    A Little JA-15 Love

    He's a great player. Super in depth knowledge of the instrument. Another video of his that is cool while funny.. What's funny about it is how he keeps describing the chords as "very simple" in regards to "B flat over C" or "Em9" and all the inversions...
  2. The Ratchet

    The Song Title Game

    "Gold Dust Woman" Fleetwood Mac
  3. The Ratchet

    The Song Title Game

    "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" - The Band
  4. The Ratchet

    The Song Title Game

    Ain't That A Kick In the Head - Dean Martin
  5. The Ratchet

    The Song Title Game

    Ohio - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (which seriously gives me goose bumps every time I hear it, especially when you read the story about how they cut it live in like 3 takes and after the final one - they literally broke down in tears, and they knew that this one was the keeper.)
  6. The Ratchet

    The 2013 Winter NAMM Thread

    I think the birds thing is getting played out. I think additional animals should be available. Perhaps even mammals and reptiles. Speaking of, Dragons aren't that far away from dinosaurs so might as throw them in the mix also. Well, NAMM 2014 isn't too far away...:laugh:
  7. The Ratchet

    The Song Title Game

    Seventeen Winger
  8. The Ratchet

    Do Paul and Doug have any AMP suprises for NAMM 2013

    100watt head and full stack with two 4x12's. just thinking .
  9. The Ratchet

    2 Channel H Noises???

    I played brand new MESA in a GC once that had just been taken out of the box and literally caught on fire and smoke came out of it. So it can happen to any tube amp and who knows where / when the issue crept in. Could be FedEx droppin it too many times though.
  10. The Ratchet

    White Tolex option in new artist package amps

    I've got an incoming H head and 2x12 fat cab in white / cream tolex. I'll snap some shots upon arrival.
  11. The Ratchet

    NGD: Custom 24 Quilt Tiger Burst, Maple Neck, 57/08's = wow.

    Thanks!!!!! I have to say the maple neck on it feels really great. Whatever finish PRS is using on the back of the maple, it feels half-way between no finish at all and say what would be your typical PRS neck finish. It's just so fast and silky smooth. Anyone considering this option on their...
  12. The Ratchet

    NGD: Custom 24 Quilt Tiger Burst, Maple Neck, 57/08's = wow.

    What else can be said. To my eye a just about PS quality quilty top, flame maple neck in Patten Regular, ebony headstock cap, cool mixed hardware, 57/08's!, insanely cool birds, and a beefy 8 lbs. = wow. The typical/standard Custom 24 setup of Pattern Thin neck with 59/09’s just hasn't worked...
  13. The Ratchet

    How Old Are You?

    Same age as you 80's boy ;) 39.5 years.
  14. The Ratchet

    Show your PS!

    #4080 ROCKS!!!!!!
  15. The Ratchet

    Chase TV Ad?

    Just saw this commercial and did a search and found this thread. Guitar was poppin alright!! It's the only thing in color in the commercial, everything/everyone else is in black and white. Then a big bright blue flame top PRS.
  16. The Ratchet

    How do you really play

    I just play "Stairway To Heaven", every painstaking note, until it gets to the solo section..and then I quickly dime the amp and tear into "Crazy Train"...
  17. The Ratchet

    2 Channel H Gig/Tone Report...

    Recently got a chance to get hands on with one and really put it through the paces. Turn and burn baby! This thing rips. Tried it with the fat back 2x12, and it can get anything from vintage to modern rock, to metal (depending on what guitar and pickups you use with it). I noticed it really lets...
  18. The Ratchet

    2 Channel H in the new guitar player mag

    It's a really good amp. Especially in the half stack format. I had been sort of unimpressed with PRS' amp offerings, until getting a chance to play through the H head/cab, and for the price it's really really cool.
  19. The Ratchet

    Price and in-store date for the 408?

    Hot damn, I was within a week and a hundred bucks.