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  1. veinbuster

    Incoming…..CE stoptail….

    Sweet score! Enjoy.
  2. veinbuster

    The most beautiful blue colorway

    I like river blue and northern lights a lot, but feel they are better suited to flame than quilt. I also like these on quilt: I call this blue grass, but it’s official designation was grass stained blue jean And a precursor to the bahama mamas, Bahamian Blue
  3. veinbuster

    Would you go around with your 20k PRS?

    I would take it. On the street, you’re just another guy carrying a guitar. I’ve never felt remotely threatened carry around my white tuxedo case. Some people look twice because it stands out, but it’s just admiration. I doubt if anyone in class will know or imagine what it cost. In the unlikely...
  4. veinbuster

    Private Stock Special Semi-hollow Limited Edition

    It might have to battle JD’s killer single cut archtop.
  5. veinbuster

    Private Stock Special Semi-hollow Limited Edition

    I will go check it out.
  6. veinbuster

    Private Stock Special Semi-hollow Limited Edition

    And they have one at the store I got most of my PRS at!
  7. veinbuster

    All about bicycles

    It was raining yesterday, so I finally got around to pulling together some drone footage of a ride along the south end of my backyard trail.
  8. veinbuster

    Goodbye SE HBII Piezo, Hello Silver Sky

    You might need more than one cup.
  9. veinbuster

    I gained some direction but still...

    I don’t think building a custom makes sense until you really know enough to make informed choices. Until then it is just an expensive sink hole. Perhaps if you find a building you are willing to trust to make choices for you based on how you express what you want. Still a crap shoot if you can’t...
  10. veinbuster

    I gained some direction but still...

    Seeing your other thread, it seems like you are looking for an acoustic. It really isn’t clear what you want from the guitar. I don’t think Rosewood is the holy grail for an acoustic. It’s good, but might not be ideal if you have only one acoustic. For me, the baseline is mahogany back, sides...
  11. veinbuster

    All about bicycles

    My Garmin detects an incident every couple of months and insists on sending messages to my emergency contacts. The interface invites me to cancel, but is really obscure about what behaviour on my part would constitute a cancelation of the emergency message. More than once, my wife got a text...
  12. veinbuster

    NGW(week) Trifecta

    Strong move! Enjoy.
  13. veinbuster

    All about bicycles

    Most of the time getting my fast bike ready for the road was electronics, which felt a bit weird. 3 firmware updates (pedals and derailleur). One battery replaced and two charged up. Recalibrate power.
  14. veinbuster

    Private Stock Friday

    I don’t disagree with what Private Stock was meant to be. I do not believe the restrictions will last forever. I do think the business decision to add restrictions is sound. It will keep me from ordering for a while, and I won’t hold a grudge about it.
  15. veinbuster

    Santana tops - why not as nice as CU24s?

    My 3 Santanas are every bit as nice as my CU24. For example (not a 10 by the way)
  16. veinbuster

    Private Stock Friday

    I really don’t think it is a can or can’t matter. They are just not currently blending models to simplify things and in doing so reduce the backlog.
  17. veinbuster

    This has been my "go to" guitar/amp as of late... what's yours?

    Maybe not my go to, but it is definitely worth the trip.
  18. veinbuster

    P90 Guitar

    Not many have. As far as I know, Ron Thorn made three of this style.