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  1. dkilpatrick

    John Mayer SE

    Anyone check instagram in the last hour?
  2. dkilpatrick

    RIP Dusty Hill

    Gutted, I got to see them play live 3 times over the years
  3. dkilpatrick

    Stinky Hollowbody Cases

    Hmmm I can’t say that I’ve ever encountered a musty f-hole :confused:
  4. dkilpatrick

    Joe Walsh Signature???

    Exactly, That is what core artist packs were going for in 2019 before they stopped in 2020
  5. dkilpatrick

    Would You Be Satisfied w/This?

    Looks like the height adjustment screw is backed out from the pickup. It’s an easy fix, just line the screw back up with the threaded hole on the pickup foot and tighten. Maybe it came loose in shipping.
  6. dkilpatrick

    McCarty 594 bridge differences

    I own three and they all have the flat version
  7. dkilpatrick

    I'm Confused - Discontinued Amps?

    this, I would think there will be more announcements to come this year.
  8. dkilpatrick

    Your favorite/preferred guitar(s) for Narrowfield pickups?

    Love this one. You’re right there isn’t anything else like it. Since this year is the 25th anniversary of PS I wonder if they plan to release something later to commemorate.
  9. dkilpatrick

    Hugely disappointed

    It’s an artist signature model, why would it need to be revolutionary? If PRS made me a sig guitar it would be cool af but I don’t think it would be revolutionary especially because it would basically just be an SC594
  10. dkilpatrick

    NUGD Private Stock Steve Fischer Angelus

    Gorgeous Congrats
  11. dkilpatrick

    It weighs how much?

    Prs cases are heavy like unnecessarily heavy, but they need to protect those fine instruments
  12. dkilpatrick

    Just bought a Santana Retro!

    That’s the best color for that model, change my mind
  13. dkilpatrick

    Your Post-Holiday Savings Purchase Posts...

    I just paid off my most recent purchase from October
  14. dkilpatrick

    Mesa/Boogie joins Gibson

    I’m happy with my current Mesa amps, I haven’t had amp GAS for years. I probably will not buy Mesa branded tubes going forward unless they are NOS.
  15. dkilpatrick

    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    Beautiful guitar, that’s such a nice color and I haven’t seen too many out in the wild. For the three wrenches, it could just be the standard set PRS includes with all of their guitars, but my guess would be: Saddle height adjustment Set screw tension for the whammy bar And truss rod adjustment
  16. dkilpatrick

    NGD - JM Silver Star

    I’m here to help
  17. dkilpatrick

    NGD - JM Silver Star
  18. dkilpatrick

    Private Stock Friday

    Could be?