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  1. alantig

    What’s the best rig to…

    "Dead Babies” by Alice Cooper. Babies’ brains aren’t fully developed - you can’t beat around the bush with them.
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    Another Studio Photo Dump

  3. alantig

    Ok, so what next? To round out my collection. Suggestions?

    Same here. That Luther Perkins tone is probably the first electric tone that grabbed me (I know, Esquire). I can't lie - in the right hands, I love the sound of a Tele. But I've yet to find a Tele I've wanted to take home. My buddy bought one a couple years ago to plink around on at home...
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    Private Stock Special Semi-hollow Limited Edition
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    PRS Instagram Challenge

    Not popular w/the ladies.
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    Cool Techniques

  7. alantig

    Cool Techniques

    I figured it's time to start a thread on cool techniques we've found in various places. Only thing I'll ask is don't be a jagoff about somebody else's post. If you don't like the thing, if you don't think it sounds like what they say it sounds like, if you think everyone should know this by...
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    What’s the best rig to…

    NSFW language.
  9. alantig

    What’s the best rig to…

    “I’ll stow my stack when she puts that baby in the overhead.”
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    Tap Into America!!

    I'll watch it - but only if the puppet show gets second billing.
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    PRS SE Custom 22 High E Issue

    First thing to do, if you haven't already, is change strings. Next thing is play with your pickup height. You don't say if you've done any of this, so apologies if you have. Play it acoustically first and see if the issue happens. If the issue happens acoustically, I'd drop the pickups on...
  12. alantig

    it's official!!

    Congrats! That's a beauty!
  13. alantig

    Silver Sky - I love it but I need to change the radius, PLEK??? Has anyone done this???

    It's difficult to explain w/o an image, and I'd love to see it all worked out. You're right in that the angle from the fret at 1.12 (1st string, 12th fret) to 1.0 (1st string saddle) is flatter than the angle from 3.12 to 1.0. But 3 is also higher vertically in terms of the radius. We know...
  14. alantig

    Silver Sky - I love it but I need to change the radius, PLEK??? Has anyone done this???

    The action is plenty low on my Silver Sky and it does not fret out. That was one of the first things @BeerBatteredPhish and I checked when we test drove this one back at release. We bent all over the neck, and big bends, no fretting out. I don't know how low you want the action to be, but...
  15. alantig

    PRS MT 15 head clean channel dead already

    Why would he reverse the strings? Pre-Floyd Rose, the bridges weren't locking, so if he reversed the strings and put the ball ends at the tuners, he'd have to tie them off at the bridge like classical strings. I'd think that would be a tuning nightmare, especially the way he played.
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    I can't lie - I'm very much in the Sergio "always buy, never sell" camp, but last night, I was thinking about which guitars I could trade (besides my Tremonti) if I wanted to make this happen.
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    Great googly moogly!
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    First PRS was delivered today and I'm considering my options...

    No need to wait. Stick around - we're not picky!
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    PRS Rechargeable Clip-On Headstock Tuner - just doesn't keep charge

    Turning off is normal. Battery saver - but with these batteries, not so much!