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  1. Fro

    NGD: DGT (I FINALLY made it to the dance!)

    Very nice! I agree, you need to change out the tip.
  2. Fro

    PRS Polish

    Here’s a couple of recent threads on the subject.’s-guitar-finish.48651/
  3. Fro

    MESA combo Amp decision: TC-50 vs Rectoverb 25 vs Badlander 50 vs Mark V 35

    I did a little edit to your quote here ;)
  4. Fro

    Private Stock Friday

    That Vela!!!
  5. Fro


    I have never had to do a captcha on this site.
  6. Fro

    PRS 85/15’s or Suhr Thornbuckers?

    You might try adjusting your pickups height before changing them out.
  7. Fro

    I’m getting OWNED on TGP!

    The Pub section is still there on my end.
  8. Fro

    Do you use wall mount or guitar stand?

    On the wall for me.
  9. Fro

    Tremonti interview - Talks about the MT100

    I doubt it’ll be made in the US.
  10. Fro

    Oh **** I just bought it tread

    I had one for a few weeks. Although the neck was easy to play, I just never warmed up to it. Now I’m on the lookout for a nice Kiesel Vader to try out.
  11. Fro

    Oh **** I just bought it tread

    My latest guitar related impulse buy was a custom single length strap. My latest high dollar impulse by was a Minnkota trolling motor with ipilot.
  12. Fro

    Learning The Blues Online???

    I use both of these sites:
  13. Fro

    Have we seen the MT100 yet?

    I wouldn't bet on it being a made USA.
  14. Fro

    Hooo, hooo!

    I’m not seeing any udders. I assume your talking about the knobs?
  15. Fro

    Both heartbreaking and touching

    Thank you for sharing this touching moment. Prayers sent.
  16. Fro

    Cleaning an S2 Satin finish? Bought a smoker's guitar

    Other than a damp cloth, I’ve got nothing. That smell can be a tough cleanup. Good luck.
  17. Fro

    Considering a return to tubes...

    The guitar player at church plays through a Helix. He sounds good just noodling by himself before church starts but like you he cannot be heard through the mix while they're playing. He does have a couple of presets he switches to every now and then where he cuts through and can be heard just...
  18. Fro

    NGD: DGT, struggling with brightness

    Double check to make sure you didn’t clip one side of your tone knob.
  19. Fro

    Maxed out Trem Claw?

    You need to install a lighter gauge string set if you want lower tension.