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  1. CoreyT


    Very cool, I hope he can tour again with AC/DC. I knew that inventor would hook up with him on those in ear monitors.
  2. CoreyT

    Knob removal, what does the PTC use?

    I have that one too.
  3. CoreyT

    I GOT MY SON HIS FIRST GUITAR - Chappers TV Episode 22

    Here he is playing another PRS for his son.
  4. CoreyT

    I GOT MY SON HIS FIRST GUITAR - Chappers TV Episode 22

    Chappers is thinking to the future for his new son.
  5. CoreyT

    Bye-Bye Photobucket

    I just heard this the other day on my forum. I have never used Photo Bucket, as I have my own server for hosting HTML pages and pics. Runs me $360 a year, but I have unlimited bandwidth.
  6. CoreyT

    The Death of the Electric Guitar ("news" article)

    It is a musical instrument developed by a man known as Laurence Welk who drank lots of Geritol and listened to champagne music.
  7. CoreyT

    NBD - SE Kingfisher in Tortoise Shell

    That is very nice. I dig my Kingfisher.
  8. CoreyT


    Lonnie, you will have to open it up in an app on your phone or on your PC, and choose rotate to the right. That should fix it, and then you can re-upload it to the forum here.
  9. CoreyT

    PRS SE Semi Hollow Comparison: F Hole version vs Non-F Hole version

    I bought my youngest son both of those. First the cateye one back in 2012, then the F hole one a few Christmases back. I much prefer the newer one, as it does have a slimmer neck, and it plays and feels like my more expensive S2 Semi-Hollow Custom 22.
  10. CoreyT

    A young (and dapper) Paul Reed Smith

    We have the same hair, even at my age if I let it continue to grow out.
  11. CoreyT

    why can't we just upload pics from our phones ??

    Never have used the Bucket, heard to too many problems with it over the years. My solution to post pics on the many forums I am on is to use my websites server. There is a drawback though, I have a yearly fee, but I know the guy who maintains the servers, and I am setup with FTP to upload on...
  12. CoreyT

    Best Hard Case Option?

    SKB Injection Molded Guitar Case, PRS Shaped Interior, TSA Latches with wheels (3i-4214-PRS) I have several of these cases above, they are water tight, dust tight, all around fantastic case. And when I have taken my guitars in the past to the dealer for some work, no need to carry the heavy...
  13. CoreyT

    Added another SE to my signature today!

    Very nice, I have one in the natural color that is in my avatar. These are really great basses.
  14. CoreyT

    any mastodon fans? ( + incidental Ghost discussion because this is the internet)

    I did not know they have a new one, but I bought the one that came out a year or so back, and I like it.
  15. CoreyT

    The Pot - Danny Carey (TOOL) and Kt Harms (Hvnted)

    Ran across this in my feed this morning. Pretty cool for the drummer of Tool to show up and play with these kids.
  16. CoreyT

    Cases for Custom SE 24 and SE 277

    That is what I keep my SE Custom 24, perfect fit.
  17. CoreyT

    Shawn's 15th Anniversary With PRS!

    Happy 15 years Shawn!
  18. CoreyT

    Help! Guitar hanger failure!

    I have not tightened up any or my Hercules mounts, and some of them have been on the wall of tone since 2012. But I also drilled into the studs using a Les, er I mean a stud finder. Used the long screws that came with the mounts, and they are in there tight. Sorry to hear one of yours pulled out.
  19. CoreyT

    Something in a FedEx Box... (edit: Sergio gets the White Westie)

    Finally we get to see it :D So glad Sergio got his hands on it, and it even has WINGS!
  20. CoreyT

    Something in a FedEx Box... (edit: Sergio gets the White Westie)

    Ya just could not resist that new 5 string SE bass could ya ;)