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  1. Black Plaid

    Dispelling Tube Amp Myths

    I was thinking about the transformer issue the other day, and wondered why we don't manufacture speakers to match the impedances instead of using a heavy device. Would that just move the problem to the speaker coil?
  2. Black Plaid

    What do y'all do for a living?

    I recently found out that I apparently 9.2% of my work is for Elon Musk.
  3. Black Plaid

    GASing for a Mesa Boogie Mark v

    My experience with closed Mesa cabs is that they are much tighter and more directional than the open back versions. For a 2 or 4 by 12 this is a pretty good thing, but a 1x12, depending on the style you are going for, can be a bit problematic to hear in a band setting esp if it's on the floor.
  4. Black Plaid

    Any experience with Mesa Express 5:25 combo?

    I have one of these with the 10" speaker ... it never gets played any more (the MkV:25 is so much better). If yours doesn't have an eq (like mine), you might try putting one in the loop, it could help out.
  5. Black Plaid


    I used to get them as a kid, they started tapering off about the time i moved out of my parents house. Coincidence? I think not! I'm so sorry you have to deal with them, truly awful.
  6. Black Plaid

    Website change?

    looks exactly the same as I remember it.
  7. Black Plaid

    Pickup Selections for 2nd-Gen CE-24s

    I've never had a set of Fluence, I'd probably pick up a set of those to experiment with. You didn't mention what your goal was with these guitars.
  8. Black Plaid

    Silver Sky Golden Mesa & Orion Green ??

    Nothing, since you are losing $1000 on that sale!
  9. Black Plaid

    Do you rock stars actually play your private stock guitars?

    not a rock star, or in the music industry any more, but i bought a used private stock a while ago. It was a steal relative to what guitars are going for these days. oof. oddly, it's not often played, as there are others I prefer for what they do more right now.
  10. Black Plaid

    Where does the tone come from in an electric guitar?

    He's at it again! I must admit, i find these very entertaining
  11. Black Plaid

    Name a song and it’s lyric that you’ve mistaken

    Bob The Drummer: "He lived with his kitten, Glendale."
  12. Black Plaid

    Was anyone not happy eith their S2 594 purchase??

    I think the 594 is for people who want the best Les Paul, whereas other models are for people who want the best guitar. What is best is different for everyone. For some it varies by day. Follow your own path, that's why there's more than one PRS model.
  13. Black Plaid

    Invisible Fret tines on SE Paul's Guitar?

    the images don't work because google is breaking the ability to post them inline on sites like this. you would need to use imgur, or postimage, or jump through the hoops that i do to make it work from twitter.
  14. Black Plaid

    Phase III tuner upgrade with a chisel

    if you need custom sized dowels, you make a dowel die from taking a bit of mild steel and drilling the corresponding sized hole through it, making sure NOT to clean up the bur that usually results from the process. Then take a bit of wood, generally with a square profile that's just a bit...
  15. Black Plaid

    Brand new Silver sky, broken selector? Need advice please

    I would check the warranty. I know the core guitars have a lifetime warranty, I would expect the SS would also. Hopefully there's a PRS authorized luthier in your vicinity that could do the fix.
  16. Black Plaid

    MODCAT Decoders

    the MODCAT is not a publicly official format, it's the internal system PRS uses to track things in the production line, its subject to change at any second without consideration for backward compatibility with the reverse engineered decoding software.
  17. Black Plaid


    Head and cab, every day. More flexibility, also easier to carry around. I have a serious Boogie habit, well, perhaps not as serious as some of the amp hoarders here, but i have more than i can possibly use. My go to is currently a 25 watt mk4, on top of a couple of custom made 1x12 cabs with a...
  18. Black Plaid

    Your pick preference

    Used to play the Dunolop Delrin 500 0.71, but have been grooving on the Ultex 0.73 lately. I feel like thicker picks dull the attack and thinner don't give me enough control, and inhibit the chug.
  19. Black Plaid

    Guitar theory and practice routines

    My philosophy when it comes to practice these days is that it should serve a specific artistic intent. When I first started out, I would practice scales and do finger exercises, but over the years I have realized that too much of this, or even continuing it at this point, gets in the way of the...
  20. Black Plaid

    NGD: PRS Tremonti 10 Top

    dang, not a tremonti guy, but that is a head turner.