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  1. LSchefman

    NGD! Graveyard II!!!

    It's great!
  2. LSchefman

    Who Would You Want To Front Your Band?

    Bob Dylan. Go big, or go home.
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    My Son Jamie's Latest Project Partnering With Amazon.

    Listening for the first time; the background audio is binaural, meant for headphones, and it constantly moves around. It really is relaxing.
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    My Son Jamie's Latest Project Partnering With Amazon.

    This is pretty cool, nice article. I'm a Prime member so I'll be listening. My son Jamie does interesting things! And I don't find out about them until the very last minute. Sons...
  5. LSchefman

    Pedalboards, show me what u got

    That's one helluva upgrade in terms of difficulty!
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    Refinish. V12 to Nitro (CAB?)

    I think it does affect the sound, there are many others who don't. It's not that they sound better or worse; but I think they sound a little different, and I prefer the nitro sound. I thought this was BS for years until I played an early DGT and it sounded more like my old Gibson than my other...
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    I hate it but I like you, Wedge. so there's that!
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    Refinish. V12 to Nitro (CAB?)

    CAB Nitro is a little different from the old nitro finishes they used back in the day on Gibsons. It may also be - I think - a little different from the nitro that's on my PS models (the 'shatter hard' nitro). The CAB finishes are actually closer in theory to what Collings has been putting on...
  9. LSchefman

    To get or not to get a Fiore...

    I have an SSH, and I love it. But I think it's very different from a Fiore. The stuff a Fiore does isn't really my thing. However, that doesn't mean it isn't your thing. Another one to consider, that's no longer made, would be a CU 22 Soapbar.
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    Pedalboards, show me what u got

    I think it's pretty interesting that you have various boards to achieve the tone families you want! Nice gear, too. I kind of went in the opposite direction; one larger board with more stuff on it, but now both the lower and upper shelves are filled up. It's a Schmidt Array, so I could put some...
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    PRS TCI Pickups Explained

    Yes, very nice read! I mentioned in another thread that the resonant frequency in a filter creates distinctive tones of various kinds, which is why nearly all synths have frequency-adjustable lowpass filters for the high frequency cutoff point, coupled with resonance controls. These have a huge...
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    Another Brief Extravaganza

    Interesting! I didn't have an overarching theme. I was just poking around with melody, did a couple of measures, then did a couple more, etc. It's kind of a hodgepodge of "gee, what do I do next?" So it ends up in a different place from where it started, musically. That wasn't intentional, it...
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    It was indeed.
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    What Would You Do?

    I need to learn something new today to keep up with you, then!
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    The most beautiful blue colorway

    I'd like to make a speech about blue guitars. Here goes: The main problem with blue guitars is the same as the main problem with blue cars: They're a little bit off the beaten path. That doesn't mean they're a bad thing. Where would we be without the blue-painted airplanes the Navy used in the...
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    What Would You Do?

    It interested me when my dealer told me about it after he called PRS, but it makes perfect sense when I think about it. This way PRS doesn't have to toss a perfectly good guitar (and relatively valuable/rare wood) onto the garbage heap just because the hole was affected by the spray booth...
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    Another Studio Photo Dump

    I guess you wouldn't be interested in a Formal Clothing Consultant... ;)
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    The most beautiful blue colorway

    I have two mostly blue guitars I like, though my comfort zone is more in the Amber range. Here they are. The first finish is called Northern lights, the back is an amber shade. The second also has some violet; it’s called Aquableux Purple Smokeburst (or maybe it’s Violet Snokeburst, I can’t...
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    Another Studio Photo Dump

    Wait, you guys don't wear formal clothes in the studio? I wear white tie and tails every time I compose. Gives me a sense that I'm taking the music seriously. --- OK, that was a complete lie. I only wear a tux.;)
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    Last minute fill in