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  1. Shreve

    Pedalboards, show me what u got

    Used to have a nice slab ‘o knotty pine, but the damn dog chewed it up…
  2. Shreve

    Not playing a PRS, but I'm excited to share this...

    Nicely done!! :cool: :cool:
  3. Shreve

    Wonderful Clip - Granddaughter's Real Deal Show

    Timeless. Seen it many times, and it never gets old. Thanks! (don’t know what verklempt means, and not sure I wanna know ;) )
  4. Shreve

    Had the opportunity to do something pretty cool this past weekend.

    Well, doesn’t get much better than that. Great pix too! :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
  5. Shreve

    The chopping block

    Two I just moved to help fund purchase of original 94 McCarty. K-Line Tele and Fender Straight Six Strat. Cool guitars, but were not getting play time.
  6. Shreve

    What are the non-PRS guitars in your arsenal you'll just never quit?

    Pair of Thorn custom Artisan Masters
  7. Shreve

    Returning to my (original McCarty) roots

    Good catch! Coil split wires are there, but never hooked up at the factory. Pull pot never used, 100% original factory wiring with unbroken solder joints! Straight switching.
  8. Shreve

    Returning to my (original McCarty) roots

    I’ve owned 3 McCartys in the way distant past, and they were always my favorite in the old PRS lineup. Only sold to fund 2 custom builds that actually ended up being quite similar. Double cutaway, wide fat neck shapes, rosewood necks, etc. But when I saw this puppy on the whacky Gear Page I...
  9. Shreve

    Trying to track down my old DGT

    I had 2 semi-rare McCartys that for the life of me can’t remember the whys of me selling them. Would love to have a shot at a re-buy. At least I now have sense to hang onto my DGT. Good luck; you never know these days!
  10. Shreve

    Do you love or hate the beach?

    I went to the beach once to ride my swan, and I had a bad experience…
  11. Shreve

    Move to Southern PA or Southern DE?

    I’m on the eastern shore of MD (near some guitar factory :rolleyes:) and love it in retirement. Beach traffic isn’t a problem if you’re off Ocean Gateway Rte. 50 a bit. That said, my best friend and wife live in Selbyville, DE and love it. They’re die hard beach people, and that’s close by. Both...
  12. Shreve

    How rare are the McCarty P90 rosewood necks?

    I foolishly sold a McCarty rosewood soap standard, which might be even scarcer. Pretty sure it was a 2001, too. Fellow I sold it to was going to use it mainly for slide. Another “what was I thinking “ moment.
  13. Shreve


    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  14. Shreve

    And It Berns, Berns, Berns.......

    DANG! SCORE!! What a steal…
  15. Shreve

    Look what I found

    Cool! Those were the days when I knew all the PRS models. Alas, I’ve since given up due to my advancing age and CRS* *Can’t Remember Sh?t…
  16. Shreve

    A free guitar improv tip and some PRS related news

    Saved for future reference, but I sorta get it, which is rare for me. Will revisit. Many thanks! :cool::cool:
  17. Shreve

    Bucking the Trend: .008's

    9s across all guitars for me, even DGT. Seems to strike a balance that works, and makes life much simpler, easier. Been into some greasy steel chikin’ licks lately, and they require some crazy bends in all directions for my old hands. I save a couple centavos and buy em bulk.
  18. Shreve

    The Chosen One

    Mr. Natural coming out of self-imposed isolation on a Pacific island to lead the forces. I’m chuffed :)
  19. Shreve

    T-shirt design poll

    I designed some guitar tees awhile back, and ended up with large “money shot” art on back and builder logo on pocket for front. Went over well, and folks seemed to dig the front pocket for money, picks etc. A bit more coin per unit. Just a thought. :)
  20. Shreve

    Birds Birds.

    That you, Axl ?!?!?! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: