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  1. Tahlee

    NGD Soapbar!

    Triple P90s? Are you kidding me?!? That thing is sick. I love the flamed neck. I also love the birds. Two thumbs way up.
  2. Tahlee

    The great OPAQUE PRS thread

    Thank you very much! Yes, that was made for Keith Nelson from Buckcherry. The P90s sound huge and the piezo is lush and beautiful. I have the DG30 plugged into that Gibson cabinet. It’s two 10” and two 12” speakers, open back.
  3. Tahlee

    The great OPAQUE PRS thread is where I load my pictures for posting here.
  4. Tahlee

    NGD - DC 594 10-Top in Honey

    Great top!
  5. Tahlee

    NGD - PS 594 DC

    What a stunning guitar. You made the right decision to move stuff so you could grab this one.
  6. Tahlee

    PRS Amp With Cleanest Tone.

    I agree with Les about the HX/DA and the DG30. Those amps are really something special. The DG30 has a reverb tank which sounds really nice. I like to use the DG30 as a clean pedal platform.
  7. Tahlee

    Zach Myers Locking tuner replacement - cuation

    I also have some some John Mann modified locking vintage tuners and they are awesome.
  8. Tahlee

    What color lampshade knobs? You pick the winner.

    Is “stage” code for stripper? :D
  9. Tahlee

    Haven’t Been Around As Much...

    Aw man, I have enjoyed Sergio’s posts very much. I do hope you pop in for the occasional bangin’ seal of approval once in a while.
  10. Tahlee

    “ Reclaimed Wood Vela” FOUND!!!!!!

    That’s a beauty. I love reclaimed lumber. Congrats!
  11. Tahlee

    Another fake but shop claims it is

    Oh man, that’s terrible news.
  12. Tahlee

    Another fake but shop claims it is

    My only worry is that someone who thinks it’s real may buy it so they can give their loved one the best gift ever. If my wife gave me that, I think I’d have a hard time pretending that I was happy.
  13. Tahlee

    Wall Hanging Guitars

    Well done. It must be really hard to spread your love amongst so many.
  14. Tahlee


    Welcome to the forum. You would not be disappointed with the SC 58. I think they sound beefier that the double cut Custom 22. I don’t know if it’s the thicker body or the Singlecut body shape? Or both? Or just my imagination? They just sound really powerful to me. Plus, you’d be getting it...
  15. Tahlee

    Wall Hanging Guitars

    I hung mine on drywall with toggle bolts and those winged nuts that you push through a hole that you drill. I also just hung a pipe railing on the stairwell wall using larger toggle bolts.
  16. Tahlee

    Wall Hanging Guitars

    It’s on my list of things that I need to do. I already spray painted the bolts black. I’m on vacation this week so I’ll get it done this week.
  17. Tahlee

    Wall Hanging Guitars

    Thanks. Your tops are to die for. That’s some nice wood.