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  1. Warmart

    PRS Soapbar swap

    There are gobs of humbucker sized P90's out there, and I'd go that route, mucho easier.
  2. Warmart

    Getting More Than Expected - Rare Today!

    Great story, my core Paul's is NEVER leaving me. Nothing else like it - not that I've ever played. Glad you are loving yours!
  3. Warmart

    NGD: DGT (I FINALLY made it to the dance!)

    Sheesh, you went to the dance, filled in for the guitar player (that cut his hand trying to get someone out of a car trunk), stole everyone's girlfriend and won the Powerball all in the same night! Mega congrats, that is as beautiful as they get! I've never played a DGT but if I had ever run...
  4. Warmart

    Harley Benton is good for PRS

    Everyone that makes non-perfect guitars is good news for PRS!
  5. Warmart

    War on Xmas

    Idk, looks sorta like a dusting of snow, kind of makes me think of Xmas even if the tree is not a tree. I would insert amusing emojis but the amusing emoji menu is suddenly disabled and I'm not amused.
  6. Warmart


    Wow that is utterly gorgeous and an excellent way to not be sad over the 7 dear departed! Huge congrats! May I ask what #7 is going to be?
  7. Warmart

    NGD! I guess I'm official now...

    Mega congrats! Like many here, I also have an SE HB, mines the mahogany standard non-piezo - and it's a fantastic guitar so I know yours is as well. May you love it long time!
  8. Warmart

    NGD! PRS CE Dustie Waring 24.

    Oh yeah, just like mine! Huge congrats!
  9. Warmart

    bobbins, squabbins, and what?

  10. Warmart

    NGD: My First PRS - CE24 Semi-Hollow

    Damn that's an outstanding top, huge! Congrats!
  11. Warmart

    NGD (OMG Private Stock!)

    Damnnnn, get that thing outta the kitchen before it burns the place up! Congrats!
  12. Warmart

    NGD: SC594SH River Blue

    Very very sweet! Congrats, may you love them long time!
  13. Warmart

    PRS trem, Floyd Rose, Tremonti, etc.

    Hot [email protected], yes! The DW is an amazing guitar, congrats!
  14. Warmart

    CE intonation shift

    That would seem to rule out an extremely rare neck twist. Guessing you checked the neck bolt tightness?
  15. Warmart

    CE intonation shift

    Frets look good, no sprout or pop-ups? Not getting any buzz? Stick a straight edge on those puppies. If you don't get this resolved soon I'm going to cry!
  16. Warmart

    What are the non-PRS guitars in your arsenal you'll just never quit?

    My new Vox Bobcat V90! Still in the honeymoon phase, but very pleased so far. Growl baby!
  17. Warmart

    NGD: PRS Private Stock McCarty 594 Hollowbody II

    Damn if you didn't bring it! Huge congrats, very happy for you. May you love it long time!
  18. Warmart

    CE intonation shift

    Absolutely solid suggestions, duh on me as I've experienced them all at one point or other.
  19. Warmart

    Hollowbody II Pickup Selector Switch Snapped During Shipping

    I just got a new Vox guitar yesterday and it had a nice circular piece of styrofoam on the switch, which is probably the best way. Damn UPS put 5+ holes/rips in the box but the hard case and foam did the trick!
  20. Warmart

    CE intonation shift

    Nothing is jumping out at me, not trying to be a pain but did you consider the possibility of bad strings? Happens some times.