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  1. Herr Squid

    Black coloring on strings after few hours of play

    My fingertips turned a little black in the first few hours of playing most of the new PRSi I've bought in recent years. After a day or two (I might have washed my hands once or twice) it was no big thing. I figure it's either string/skin chemistry or maybe some remnants of materials used at...
  2. Herr Squid

    MT15 Disapointment

    Short answer: not before the last couple of years. Things are messed up. I expect they literally cannot get what they need to make it right. I understand your frustration, but this is worldwide problem hitting everybody somehow. Basically anything that's manufactured and put on a ship...
  3. Herr Squid

    P90 Guitar

    Ditto. And since we're past the formalities and into the smut now:
  4. Herr Squid

    P90 Guitar

    594 soapies are wonderful guitars. Mine's really gutsy and loves to rock out, and I'm fortunate not to have noise problems where I play. I couldn't compare one to a Gibson though.
  5. Herr Squid

    Porcupine Tree

    Ahhh.. PT! The last band I was in was formed in part as a scheme to play Porcupine Tree songs with other living human beings. That was... altogether too long ago. A nice PRS/PT tie-in: I bought The Incident on CD brand new while in Maryland for the '09 PRS Experience. Started listening to...
  6. Herr Squid

    flip flop colors

    A small number of one-off colors come out of the factory. I've seen two of those guitars while wandering that were flip-flop paint jobs. One was a hollowbody, and another was a Custom 24 I think.
  7. Herr Squid

    What do you take to make your PRS sing!?

    Axe-FX III and a pair of Friedman ASM-12s! I've never been happier, though it really feeds my love/hate relationship with the half-ton of tube amps I still own.
  8. Herr Squid

    NGD! I guess I'm official now...

    Wow! I've actually never looked closely at one of those, that is a seriously nice guitar!
  9. Herr Squid

    Got Wood?

    Good call! 57/08s are great in those HBs.
  10. Herr Squid

    CE intonation shift

    Gotta agree with Broseph. Something is seriously out of whack there, and it's not clear what it is.
  11. Herr Squid

    What do y'all do for a living?

    This and Littlebadboy's post put the finger right on why my brother didn't become a teacher. He went through the curriculum, got his student teaching position at an elementary school and realized right away that the parents were a huge problem he couldn't stand dealing with. That was the early...
  12. Herr Squid

    The 594 McCarty

    The S2 594s are really good. I have a S2 594 thinline that's a straight-up great guitar. I miiiight put a pair of 57/08s in it that I have laying around, though it's a little more extensive rewiring job than I would have thought before I popped open the control cavity.
  13. Herr Squid

    What was the best thing you did for your musical experience?

    My Best Thing was taking up guitar. Maybe I better fill in that picture a little... My parents started me out on music at an early age with piano lessons. I found out about this one Saturday when my father bundled me into a UHaul, drove us up to Spokane, bought a piano, and hauled it...
  14. Herr Squid

    Question re 2018 PRS Hollowbody II Piezo

    I think in 2018 the LT version of 58/15s were exclusive to the 594 line.
  15. Herr Squid

    2008 PRS SC245 57/08 question

    Hmm. Mine's a singlecut. No taps.
  16. Herr Squid

    Over spend on an SE? Lol, check out mine!!

    I've had my thinking contaminated a bit by playing around with an analog synthesizer for the last couple of months,. I've started wondering if a filter might not just be the ticket to cutting a little mud out of my neck pickups. Over the last decade or so it's seemed to me like the tonal...
  17. Herr Squid

    Over spend on an SE? Lol, check out mine!!

    Cool! I didn't know Gunstreet did PRS wiring, though I'd wondered. What's the scoop on the high pass filter option?
  18. Herr Squid

    2008 PRS SC245 57/08 question

    Interesting! I'm trying to remember whether mine has the 3-wire pickups for tapping or not. It certainly doesn't have the switches.
  19. Herr Squid

    2008 PRS SC245 57/08 question

    I heard a few tales of taps on those guitars way back in the day. But I haven't actually seen or heard any first hand accounts that verify it. And mine certainly came new without.