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  1. g.wizz

    NGD!! 2014 Mira

    Fantastic, congrats Is that Egyptian gold?
  2. g.wizz

    NGD: SC594SH River Blue

    Congrats, both are killers, but the SC got the longest drool fest.:p:p:p Enjoy them in good health.
  3. g.wizz

    Silver Sky SE inbound

    Thx Bodia, hope all goes well.
  4. g.wizz

    Silver Sky SE inbound

    Actually, can't wait to see it materlize in my hand
  5. g.wizz


    That axe is on fire, congrats.
  6. g.wizz

    Silver Sky SE inbound

    Congrats, I'm still waiting for my Stone Blue to arrive later this month to the dealer in Dubai (hopefully), then my nephew will bring it home.
  7. g.wizz

    Soon to be NGD!

    Fantastic, Brian's has some unique bunch, you scored big. Congrats.
  8. g.wizz

    20th anniversary CU 24

    Thx, let's hope so.
  9. g.wizz

    20th anniversary CU 24

    Hello gents, there's one in Matteo blue ( I think) unplayed just popped up, they're asking a big sum, since we're in Lebanon, did they come with BRW fretboard? If possible to know what are they going for now Let's say in near mint condition. Thx in advance for any insight. Nabs.
  10. g.wizz


    What a head turner, BIG CONGRATS
  11. g.wizz

    NGD: SusStudio

    Congrats on an excellent trade for both parties, Rock Out!
  12. g.wizz

    New Wood Library DGT Artist Quilt Run starting to arrive

    What a bunch of drool-worthy builds
  13. g.wizz

    Private Stock Friday

  14. g.wizz

    The 594 McCarty

    A beauty, rock it hard.
  15. g.wizz

    Over spend on an SE? Lol, check out mine!!

    I just blew the pictures up and saw them, Just lovely.
  16. g.wizz

    NGD / NAD - Step away from the Bernie

    Great touching story, sorry for your loss. I'm sure her wonderful gift will ease the pain of parting.
  17. g.wizz

    NGD.......more of a swap.

    Awesome swap, you can't go wrong with purple, but I'm sure you know it's prone to fading.
  18. g.wizz

    Over spend on an SE? Lol, check out mine!!

    Looking great but where are the gold screws?
  19. g.wizz

    Over spend on an SE? Lol, check out mine!!

    KIller mod, can't wait to see "hear" the final result.
  20. g.wizz

    NGD: My first new Core Purchase, how'd I do

    Congrats, you chose wisely, fantastic model, enjoy in good health.