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  1. PRSAK

    Simon McBride - Deep Purple
  2. PRSAK

    Recommendations for Good Sounding Quiet Amps

    Another vote for the THR. I also have a Blackstar HT5 (which is an awesome amp btw) but find myself playing through the Yamaha much more frequently. It's just so easy and sounds fantastic. Really kind of hard to believe how good it sounds sometimes.
  3. PRSAK

    Itch Scratched (AKA, I Bought Some Winged Tuners...)

    Oh yeah. Ginormous score! Congrats!
  4. PRSAK

    NGD, Fade to...

    I love that. Have long wanted an old faded emerald CU24 my ownself. Big time congrats.
  5. PRSAK

    Danville Music - PS#8750 McCarty in Electric Tiger Glow Smoked Burst

    Most GAS I've had in a long time! Awesome build.
  6. PRSAK

    NGD: SC594 Antique White

    Oh man...that's a classy guitar. Good choice!!
  7. PRSAK

    Favorite song to play?

    Usually A Passage to Bangkok and/or Something for Nothing will get played when I have a guitar in hand. Though this covid-winter I have been committed to learning the entirety of Operation Mindcrime so a bunch of Queensryche getting played too.
  8. PRSAK

    What are you listening to right now?

    Diggin the new Myles Kennedy. The title track is off the charts good!
  9. PRSAK

    What are you listening to right now?

    Ha! Was just getting ready to post that Crown Lands vid myself. Glad you beat me to it! These guys are legit! A 2-piece that pay serious homage to my favorite 3-piece (Rush, duh.) I'm digging into their catalog and look forward to seeing where they end up going musically.
  10. PRSAK

    PRS 2021 Launch Party

    Should be cool. Anyone know what/who the jam/artist on the promo vid is?
  11. PRSAK

    Figured Mahogany PS Standard 24 PS8629

    Uh-oh. GAS coming on strong for the first time in quite a while!
  12. PRSAK

    What are you listening to right now?

    Awesome. Crying a good way.
  13. PRSAK

    Queensryche/Fates Warning

    Progmetalheads: If you haven't seen this double bill our on tour now and are a fan of these two bands be sure to make the effort and catch a show. Saw them in Albuquerque last night and was pretty blown away. Fates is opening and sound phenomenal. What a tight band. Ray sounds phenomenal...
  14. PRSAK

    2018 Eric Johnson "Ah Via Musicom" Tour

    With original EJ Band members Kyle Brock and Roscoe Taylor!! Awesome. That Ah Via Musicom tour changed my musical life!
  15. PRSAK

    New Black Country Communion is bada$$

    Yep. The new album is incredible. Knocked it out of the park!
  16. PRSAK

    NAD (that's New Archon Day!) Yes, finally!

    I too fired up my Archon yesterday for the first time in a month and was all smiles! It's my proverbial "desert island" amp for sure. Just have to hope that there is an AC outlet on the backside of one of those palm trees!!
  17. PRSAK

    Metallica's Rig Rundown

    Wow. Yeah, they have come a loooonnnggg way from just plugging in to a cranked Marshall and trying to hear themselves over Lars' drums.
  18. PRSAK

    First ever CD purchase

    First CD was Rush - Hold your Fire. First album I'm pretty sure was AC/DC - Highway to Hell. Funny thing is that each of those still get fairly regular rotation on the iPod and other digital devices.
  19. PRSAK

    A Visit with Joe Bonamassa 8/31

    The only thing Joe has inside that exceeds his talent is the pure passion he has about guitars and the blues. Just saw him at Red Rocks and commented to my posse that he just keeps getting better! He's definitely in the pantheon of greats already. May just run the joint someday.
  20. PRSAK

    2017 Summer Concert Anticipation

    A big two-fer coming up at Red Rocks in Colorado - Govt Mule on the 19th and Bonamassa on the 23rd!! Anyone else gonna hit these?? The shows are equidistant from full eclipse on the 21st which we are also driving a couple hundred miles north of Ft Collins to see.