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  1. SundanceSanDiego

    Next PRS - Recommendations?

    I've got a 2018 408 and a 2021 594SC, thinking about either a 20/21 McCarty or Paul's Guitar, though I know either will have similarities to what I already have... The PG (based on video reviews) does authentic sounding single-coils, and will be 'brighter' than the 408 given the bridge pickup...
  2. SundanceSanDiego first DGT

    joining my 408 and 594SC, a 2021 non-10 Top in Violet, bought on July 4th and loving it so far. The back color always come out more 'red' in pictures but is really a smoky purple.
  3. SundanceSanDiego

    NGD - 2021 594 SC McCarty Sunburst

    Nothing out of the ordinary about this brand new 594, but stoked to find a non-10 Top that looks (to my eye) as good as many 10 Top's I've seen, and is also fairly light weight for a singlecut (8 lbs 1.9oz.). Went for a more traditional finish than I have on my other PRS (C22 Piezo in Charcoal...
  4. SundanceSanDiego

    NOS 2013?

    I've come across a dealer with a new PRS from yes, 7 whole years ago. Any thoughts or experience with what might be an issue with a guitar that's been in a case in a warehouse that long? I can easily imagine tarnished brass bits to polish up but not sure if there would be any electrical or...
  5. SundanceSanDiego

    trying to decide on a Piezo: 22 or 24?

    want to make some reasonably acoustic sounds and getting ready to pull the trigger on a Custom 22 or 24 Piezo (newer model, not P22 or P24). love to hear any thoughts/opinions on whether the usual tonal differences between a Custom 22/24 are any different for the Piezo models - for example...