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    Fixing the slipping early DGT tuners...

    So I recently got an early 08 DGT. As many of you know I have a long history with the DGT, but most of mine have been 2011 or newer. This guitar looks to have 3 of the 6 tuner buttons replaced. Truthfully all of the tuners feel pretty crappy very loose. I do not want to have a tuner/button...
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    NGD - Purple Sparkle content

    Ever run across a guitar online, that the moment you see it, you know you are done for? And then when it arrives you are thrilled that is sounds amazing too? Well - that was this guitar for me :D
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    Changing tuner buttons on Phase3 tuners...

    So while at the 30th I got me some of the fancy faux bone tuners a'la DGT to put on my MC58. I slacked the strings, remove the screw that holds the button in, and I cant seem to pull the old buttons off. What gives? Actually 1 of the 6, came off right away and easily, but the other 5 will...
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    Did someone say "Modified Tuesday"?

    Yup...they did! Look closely...
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    The PRS Book has a new version

    I noticed this on Amazon New version as of Aug 2014! Mine came in today and has some nice new info and pages on it. Worth getting for sure, esp for $22.
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    NGD! McCarty Trem...

    This just arrived today...97 McCarty Trem in McCartyburst! As many of you know, Im quite the DGT whore. I also grew up playing McCartys (Ive had '94, '95 and '97s at various points of my playing time). Never played a McTrem, though. Grabbed this recently, mainly as a curiosity, I love the DGT...
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    DGT Trio - Feb 2014 Edition

    Ive had my share of DGTs...pretty well documented here and TGP. These 3 are my absolute fav Ive owned (although all have been outstanding!). With the nice weather out today I thought Id get some pics in the sun. 2012 Goldtop w/birds - Added black rings and raw nickel...
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    PRS Mime's

    We had a thread like this going on once back in the BAM days. I kinda rediscovered the site where yo make your own and thought Id start it up. Make your own here:
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    NGD - Pink Korina DGT Content!

    Ok first off I gotta tip my hat to Mr Jon Stafford at George's Music Center (aka Gig Ready Guitars). As some of you may know they did a run of 10 DGT "Korina Standards" w/braz boards and old birds. Well got to talking to him about them and he mentioned they had set aside 1 last guitar for a...
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    NGD: Korina DGT - Pics and Tone Report!

    Its here! The Korina DGT from Gig Ready Guitars showed up today and to say Im stoked is an understatement! As you may have read, the did a Wood Library run of these, all Korina bodys/necks w/Braz boards and old birds. Then the first batch arrived, I dispatched none other than the DGT club...
  11. J

    NGD - Bonnie Pink DGT!

    Ok so as many of you know Ive had my share of DGTs over the em, leave em. Well today my absolute fav showed up....a Bonnie Pink 10 top, chrome covers, 2013 moons. LOVE this thing so far!!
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    PRS DGT Standard Tone report and video

    For those of you not over on VR forum, Im a previous owner of I think 5 DGTs in the past....Ive sold them off for various reasons but somehow I just keep coming back to this guitar! I picked up a DGT Standard this week, after seeing Paul and Tony McM at the Atlanta Guitar Centers Collection...