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    How do I find out who has wood library guitars in the works to order?

    I'm after a 24-08 with a maple neck. All the ones I ever find are already sold. How does one find out in advance when a retail shop is doing a run?
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    Is the 2 Channel "H" different than what I have?

    Hi, I can't just go try one out. I can't tell from videos. Maybe you can help me if you happen to know: I have a chance to get a 2 Channel H head for a decent price. I've never had a PRS amp (although I've had half a dozen PRS guitars) but I've always been interested. I currently have a Mesa...
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    2 hb, 1 vol push/pull, 1 sweet switch, hiland switching, wtf

    Hi, I'm trying to rewire a PRS to do/have the following: 2x Humbuckers (Vintage Bass and HFS) 1x vol pot with push/pull 1x 3-way mini-toggle 1x PRS sweet switch (epa765 2-way switch) Hiland wiring (neck HB is split with vol pushed down, full neck HB with vol pulled up) Somewhere along...
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    Backplate screws?

    Due to a situation I don't want to talk about (okay fine I had them all in a bag and lost the bag), I find myself needing new backplate screws. Lots. What are the size and thread for when I go to Home Depot later?