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  1. cwhenke

    KMart commercials

    I didn't think they could top the "Ship My Pants" ad...
  2. cwhenke

    Making it my own

    I know the DGT is a great guitar, but it isn't quite my guitar. However, it makes a great platform. Here's what I started with... This is what it is today... Obviously, there was the paint job...a flat black with custom hand-painted pinstriping. I gave the artist free...
  3. cwhenke

    It's funny how things work sometimes

    The other day at work, I noticed the door was open on the fire extinguisher. I gotta be honest...I have walked past that thing multiple times every day for the last 4+ years, and I never really noticed it until that open door stood out to me. Then, this morning, I had this urge to ride my...
  4. cwhenke

    Best three minutes in a movie

    There are lots of great movies out there, but my wife and I had a conversation about the best parts of movies. Mine came down to the dinner scene in Eddie Murphy's version of The Nutty Professor or the "You can't handle the truth" part of A Few Good Men. I'm sure there are dozens, if not...
  5. cwhenke


    OK, so I just made a comment in another thread about peanut butter pie. I don't understand how my mind works, but immediately after posting, I wondered if that really is considered a pie. According to Wikipedia, a pie is a baked dish, so I guess I was wrong. If it's not a pie, then what it...
  6. cwhenke

    What to do?

    I've always said ebay favors buyers, but I'm starting o rethink my ways. I've been looking for a particular amp, and I found it on ebay. The auction ended Tuesday, and I won (I was the only bidder). I actually got the amp about 20% less than they usually go for, so I was stoked. I paid...
  7. cwhenke

    Metallica plays the National Anthem From Friday's game...I like it! I'm sure there are dozens of examples of other musicians covering The Star Spangled Banner...what else you got???