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    I am looking to replace the pickups in my 2014 SE Custom 24. Any suggestions pse?
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    Seymour Duncan for SE Custom 24

    Would Seymour Duncan 35th Anniversary SH4 and SH2 Pickups be suitable for the SE Custom 24?
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    F Spaced Pickups

    Will F spaced pickups such as Dimarzio DP244/DP245 fit my PRS SE Custom 24?
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    PRS SE Custom 24 Pickup Upgrade

    I am thinking about upgrading the pups on my SE Custom 24. I have looked at several, but the choice is endless. Can anyone help?
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    PRS vs PRS SE

    I own a PRS SE Custom 24 which I bought 6 months ago. I havev not tried the Custom 24, but I am very please with the looks, action and sound of my guitar. I play it through a Blackstar HT 60 Stage amp and several pedals. The sound is awesome, and I wonder if the difference in price, approx £2000...