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    SilverSky String action and pickup height

    hi guys, I’ve been loving my latest addition to the family but decided to lower the action alittle bit. Managed to get it down to 1.75mm at 12 fret with some buzz when played acoustically but not coming through the amp. I realise the pickups are now very close to the strings especially the...
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    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    Thanks ! Actually may I ask what the pickup heights are stock since you havent changed it?
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    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    Fingers crossed the static will go away tomorrow. Did anyone play with the pickup height? I've fiddled with it and now cant remember where it was stock.
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    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    Hi everyone ! I've just picked up the ss in tungsten and joined the PRS family ! I'm loving the sound and feel of the guitar but just wondering is anyone else having loads of static noises when touching the pickguard after the plastic is removed? I'm regretting removing the plastic now but I...