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  1. Mark Ray

    One More Bernie SE Update Question

    Okay good peeps, I have received the locking Gotoh tuners that will just drop in, and a pair of zebra Suhr Doug Aldrich pups are on the way. To complete this process, I want 3 new pots and a new selector switch. Could someone please point me in the right direction? ps-My friend who will do the...
  2. Mark Ray

    Looking For SE Vintage (Bernie, Zack style) Locking Tuners

    John Mann's site has been out-of-stock for a long time. Would prefer to keep the "green" button look. I want them to be the phase III style, direct drop-in. Can someone give me a direct link if such a beast exists at this point? Thanks!
  3. Mark Ray

    You Gotta Represent YA'LL!!!

    This pic is from last Friday's gig. Outdoors, street festival. Was supposed to be around 50 degrees. It was not! It was in the low 30's, with sporadic rain, ice pellets, and even some snow! That's okay, we soldiered on. Mr. P stayed in tune like a champ. Of course I had my PRS hat on, and my PRS...
  4. Mark Ray

    Bernie Pup Upgrade Query

    I've decided to pump up my Bernie with new pickups, wiring, pots, and locking tuners. This question is about pickups. I'm looking at a set of Suhr Doug Aldrich, and a set of Seymour Duncan Saturday Night Specials. Has anyone on here tried either one of these sets in a Bernie? If so, thoughts...
  5. Mark Ray

    PSA: Rosewood Limited FS in NC

    I don't know the seller, can't remember exactly where Hendersonville is, but this guitar is NICE! Linky:
  6. Mark Ray


    Just published on the PRS Guitars Facebook Page:
  7. Mark Ray

    Another Original From Hillbilly Jedi

    A chance to use my '12 P22...
  8. Mark Ray

    Original Tune From My Band

    We did this a bit over a year ago. I had worked a 10 hour shift, and the drummer screwed the ending the first 2 takes. I was steamed and actually tried to break a string on Ol' Blue ('95 CU22 Royal Blue 10 Top) during 1 of the leads. Anyway...
  9. Mark Ray

    And It Berns, Berns, Berns.......

    Since I can now post pics on here (got Imgur going), here's a pic of my Bernie. I snagged this one used from a GC in I think Massachusetts. All of $400 with original gig bag, all in. Had been barely played. I don't own any Gibson Les Pauls at this point, don't need them.
  10. Mark Ray

    Testing, Testing

    First try at loading a pic here:
  11. Mark Ray


    Only 20 being built: PRS Guitars | Mark Tremonti/Joe Fenton Limited Edition
  12. Mark Ray


    Seems that a new color Parlor just hit the street. I haven't seen any mention of it. Color is "Lotus Pink." Looks pretty cool. I don't play a lot of acoustic, although I do have an Alex Lifeson SE and a couple of Breedloves. Carry on...
  13. Mark Ray

    PSA: Archon 50 Watt Combo FS

    This just popped up today. I don't know the seller, but he trades and sells a lot of gear. Just an FYI for anyone looking for such a beast: TRADE PRS Archon 50 1x12 Tube Combo Amp - musical instruments - by... (
  14. Mark Ray

    PRS 2x12 Cab Inquiry

    There is a PRS 2x12 open back for sale nearby. Dude is asking $300. Looks in really good shape. Has the 2 70 watt Celestions. Opinions?
  15. Mark Ray

    Model H?

    I'm testing the waters again on obtaining a PRS amp. There are a few "Model H's" listed used on GC's site. Can someone give me the lowdown on this model please?
  16. Mark Ray

    White Hollowbody 12-string

    'nuff said. I need it.
  17. Mark Ray

    Considering A Used Archon or Sonzera

    I'm open to these 4 combos: Sonzera20 or 50, and Archon25 or 50. Looking at used ones they are all in the game at this point. Sell me!
  18. Mark Ray

    Nimmo Brothers (Bernie SE content inside)

    Ran across these guys on youtube a while back. I really dig their groove. They have several albums of their own music, but they slay on this cover, and a Bernie SE is just the icing on the cake:
  19. Mark Ray

    Don't See These For Sale Every Day!

    On our local craigslist. Just popped on there today:
  20. Mark Ray

    Bernie Questions

    I need another guitar as much as I need a hole in the head, but we all know how this goes. I've got a line on a Bernie SE. Here are my questions/thoughts: 1. I had a first generation Santana SE that I got for a stupid low price. It was fine FOR THE MONEY. What I didn't like about it is that it...