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    Tag Cloud

    Probably a stupid question, but at the bottom of each thread is a not to "view Tag Cloud" and an add/edit button... Can someone give me a lesson on how this works...
  2. 38Roars

    Hans is the Man!

    Put an Brazilian Acoustic Collection guitar in his hands and a microphone the guy is IMPRESSIVE!! Really enjoyed that set!
  3. 38Roars

    PRS Bass.... 4 string or 5 string, whats your preference

    Discloser! I have never played bass... But I am curious, you guys that do whats your preference 4 or 5 ?
  4. 38Roars

    SXSW Austin... Prince is Playing Saturday Night 3/16

    Guess Donna will be here, small venue La Zona are IMPOSSIBLE to get unless your a lucky Samsung Galaxy Owner which gives some some hope they draw your name..
  5. 38Roars

    Studio Guitars... Does having 3 pickups bug you?

    I have had a couple of them, but I cant seem to find where I should use all the differnt voices you have available... And I constantly think I am going to bang the middle one with my pick! Whats your take... I mean they sell, so lots of you must dig em!!
  6. 38Roars

    Speaking of BBQ...Pork or Beef Ribs

    Although I am a fan of both, nothing comes close to Texas Beef Ribs!
  7. 38Roars

    MMGD..... Dirty 100

    Missing My Guitar Day (MMGD) All the sudden I am missing that Dirty 100 that I sold!! Anyone have some pics to help a brother out!!
  8. 38Roars

    New Artist Package on Acoustics... Brazilian or Koa Back and Sides

    Who has one of these on order! Any pics of the Brazian been release?
  9. 38Roars

    When you go to guitars shows....

    What are you looking for? New guitars, Used Guitars, Pedals, or accessories? How about the entertainment or product demos?
  10. 38Roars

    Whats your Top 3 rankings of SE Guitars you would purchase...

    Everyone is different, thats why there are so many choices.... Whats your take 1-3?
  11. 38Roars

    Floyd Rose on Neal Schon Models...

    With the introduction of the 2 new Neal Schon models in the 2013 Lineup... Whats your take on the Floyd Rose? Curious how the community views this.....
  12. 38Roars

    Forrest Gump at Grammy Performance...

    Sorry, I dont get it........
  13. 38Roars

    INCOMING Frosty Blue JA 15

    On the delivery truck, should be here in the morning.... And it has really NICE BIRDS>>>>
  14. 38Roars

    2012 Top 10 Dealer Listing

    I know PRS give awards for the Top 10 US Dealers.... Can someone provide the listing #1-#10 for 2012?
  15. 38Roars

    Who has committed to Paul's Guitar...

    I'm hearing about a special FBJ that might be available ....
  16. 38Roars

    Anyone here doing the indoor skydiving?

    IFly just built a Tunnel in Austin, So a friend from Seattle that's really into it is here for the weekend and Bev and I are going to give it a go...
  17. 38Roars

    PRS Carved Birds at NAMM

    Shawn can you enlighten us!
  18. 38Roars

    C Channel vs H Channel differences...

    Is it all about the Transformer?
  19. 38Roars

    Have you ever recovered a Stolen Guitar.....

    Curious if you got it back, and how long it was gone.....
  20. 38Roars

    Do Paul and Doug have any AMP suprises for NAMM 2013

    Pictures, Videos.... What do you guys see out there???