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  1. jrw32

    Way to find out Wood Library orders in process?

    Hi, I'm wondering if other than having a close relationship with a specific dealer, if there's a way to find out what Wood Library orders various dealers may have placed/have in the pipeline to be built? Thanks for any insight.
  2. jrw32

    Installing new PUPS in a P22 - difficult?

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate the info. Sounds like I'm sticking with these PUPS after all! ;)
  3. jrw32

    Installing new PUPS in a P22 - difficult?

    I've got a P22 that I love, but am considering changing the pickups. It currently has 5708s w/ bobbins, & I'm thinking of installing lower output PUPS with chrome covers. I don't have much experience with swapping electronics/soldering, & have read there are additional considerations given the...
  4. jrw32

    P 22 - No sound when in piezo mode

    I play my P22 maybe 10 hours per week, and get maybe 4-5 months max out of the battery.
  5. jrw32

    DGT Neck Carve

    I find Pattern Regular very comfortable, & while the same nut width, the DGT profile I owned felt much more like a V shape to my hands & not nearly as comfortable. YMMV
  6. jrw32

    About the PRS S2 Standard...

    I had an S2 Standard 22 and an S2 Custom 22 Semi-hollow for a while. Both were incredible bangs for the buck...I recorded and played a lot with each. I now own just a P22 as it cover more ground for me, though I admit the S2s are pretty close to a Core in terms of tone, feel, and construction...
  7. jrw32

    Reclaimed Limited CE 24 Impromptu Demo

    Sounds, looks great! Nice playing too!
  8. jrw32

    Recording P22 direct - electric & piezo

    Thanks @goat-n-gitter and @JohnPRS for the audio/video clips...sounds really good! The Axe FX and Helix are out of my price range, so I think I'm going to try a direct box and some acoustic IRs to see if they improve the tones at all.
  9. jrw32

    Recording P22 direct - electric & piezo

    Tom, thanks for your response. Unfortunately, I live in a small apartment with thin walls and nosy neighbors, so don't have the luxury of mic'ing my amps, and rarely my acoustic. So recording the P22 direct with amp and acoustic sims is the best/most flexible option for me right now. I'm using...
  10. jrw32

    Recording P22 direct - electric & piezo

    I'm trying to figure out what I need to get the best direct recording results from my P22, both electric & acoustic tones. I'm running straight into a basic USB audio interface>Mac, and using amp sims for both electric & acoustic tones. I'm getting passable tones, but wondering what I can do to...
  11. jrw32

    Ray LaMontagne

    US. Collection Series I believe.
  12. jrw32

    Ray LaMontagne

    Enjoy! He blew away my expectations. Played 2.5 hours straight with My Morning Jacket backing him up. His acoustics sounded great of course!
  13. jrw32

    Ray LaMontagne

    I'm currently at a Ray LaMontagne concert and spotted at least 6 PRS acoustics in his rack on stage. So good! That is all.
  14. jrw32

    Pattern Regular vs. Soapbar neck

    Great, thanks for the above info - that's what I thought! Might have to check 1 out.
  15. jrw32

    Pattern Regular vs. Soapbar neck

    Maybe I'm thinking of the Standard neck or whatever came on the Core Cu22 Soapbars. Whatever it is, I've heard it's different?
  16. jrw32

    Pattern Regular vs. Soapbar neck

    Sorry I should've specified....I'm specifically curious about Core Custom 22 Soapbar model necks compared to Pattern Regular. I know the dimensions are the same, but I thought I read elsewhere that the Soapbar profile is different. Thanks again!
  17. jrw32

    Pattern Regular vs. Soapbar neck

    Hi, Anyone with experience with both, how would you compare the PRS Pattern Regular vs. Soapbar neck profile? I'm familiar with Pattern Regular but have never played a Soapbar neck, but am considering one. Thanks much for the insight.
  18. jrw32

    Show Me Your S2 Guitars

    Great S2s in this thread...still loving my S2 Cu22 Semi, though contemplating a PUP upgrade:
  19. jrw32

    NGD PRS S2 Singlecut Thinline

    That looks great, congrats! I have the S2 Cu22 semi-hollow in the same finish - love it. I put white pickup rings on it & it really made the top pop in my opinion. Enjoy it!
  20. jrw32

    Need help identifying specs of a '98 CE22

    Wow, that's REALLY nice - congrats! Most 22 fret PRS from that era are Wide-Fat in my experience. However, I've owned 90s era CE-22s in the past with both Wide-Thin and even Regular profiles (thinner nut width), though you don't see them as often.