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  1. Kinsman

    CE24 Owners: tightness?

    Hey all, been playing my CE24 now for about 6 months and I love it. I have noticed though that it just feels tight. I've got 10s on there and they feel like 11+. Has anyone else experience this? I'm considering putting 9s on them to help out, thoughts? Thanks!
  2. Kinsman

    I didn't wait long (NGD)

    So I recently purchased a green CE 24 from Sweetwater that I absolutely love. I started looking at getting a back up PRS. I didn't look long. ;) This is a simple SE Standard 24. Sub 500$ really never sounded this good.
  3. Kinsman

    Action on CE24

    I'm not incredibly experience with trems. Is it expected that the action on a trem will generally be a bit higher than on a stop? I'm ready to dig in and start tweaking, and it's really only a marginal difference, but I definitely would like it a bit lower.
  4. Kinsman

    NGD - CE24

    Thanks, Ben at Sweetwater for this beauty. My first PRSi and I'm stoked. Breaking it in tonight. :)
  5. Kinsman

    CE 24 Gig Bag

    How good is this bag? I'm considering a mono but I don't want to spend the cash unnecessarily. Those of you that have a CE care to comment on the quality of the bag? Thanks!