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    SE saddle intonation screw size?

    Sorry, if this is some commonly known thing, but can someone tell me what size the intonation screw is for SE trem. Not the height screw, the screw in back of the saddles All I can find was USA models and not sure the SE is the same size Thx
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    Another help with with the differences between SE, S2, CE parts question

    Still kinda a PRS noob so maybe I can get some guidance.... If I understand correctly, the S2 has the same hardware as the SE (Korean parts). Is there a difference between the tuners? I believe these are Phase II tuners (please correct me if I am wrong). Were the Phase II tuners every...
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    Driftwood Beige S2 Color? Desert Metallic ?

    Recently got a preloved 2017 Standard S2. The pictures on the internet made it look gold. Once I got it, it looked more copper, almost rosegold depending on the light. Some more google searches and I now think it is Desert Metallic. However, when I pop the pickguard, there is a tag that...