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  1. prs19

    Fiore in PS?

    I know the Silver Sky was a no go for PS builds. Anyone asked about the Fiore?
  2. prs19

    Another Chance or No?

    Should I put my big boy pants on and just get over it or would you think twice about working with this dealer again? Just wanted to post about a recent dealer experience I had to see if being this bummed means I should never buy from this dealer again or give them another shot in the future. A...
  3. prs19

    2nd Annual PRS Music School

    Haven’t seen a thread on this but may have missed it. Picked up my ticket to this event s couple of days ago. Really enjoyed last year’s and with another year to plan I’m sure this year will be even mo’ betta. URL:
  4. prs19

    Know of any Remaining Lunar Ice SS’s Available?

    I waited too long to email my favorite dealers that’s I’ve bought from in the past on this one. After those dealers confirmed they had sold their allotment I started emailing the other signature dealers to see if any had one still available. Through this thread found out Willcutt is doing a...
  5. prs19

    Silver Sky - Moc Sand

    Is Moc Sand a metallic color? I haven’t seen one in person and it’s hard to tell if it’s a metallic or solid color online. Thanks!
  6. prs19

    Experience ME V and 509?

    I have an opportunity to get a 509 WL and am interested in the forums thoughts. I have one of the Experience ME V guitars and absolutely love it. The 509 has an ash back, maple neck and maple fretboard. Do you think the tones of the 509 are going to cover similar tonal ground? Thanks!
  7. prs19

    Experience MEV NGD

    Wife okayed me to get a guitar to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. Below is what manifested. Thanks, as always, to one of if not THE best in the industry: Brian’s Guitars and Graham Masell. Did a slight pickup ring change. Now for the pics.
  8. prs19

    FedEx Strikes Again!!! :(

    Super excited to get a brand new rare bird guitar. It arrived two days after initial scheduled delivery date. Let it become one with the house environment for 6 hours. Opened it up and started drooling at how stunning the top was peeking through the lid as I opened it. Then as my eyes finished...
  9. prs19

    Private Stock Gold

    Wonder how long “John McCarthy” or “Paul McCarthy” worked in the Private Stock department?
  10. prs19

    NGD SE Paul’s Guitar w/Slight Mod

    Picked up a ‘demo’ SE Paul’s Guitar from Sweetwater. Great playing and sounding instrument. Did a slight tweak to the 3 way toggle and knobs. Before After
  11. prs19

    Used PS NGD!!!

    I never imagined this would be an option for me, but I am now the proud owner of a Private Stock! I loved spalted tops, I love the 594 model, I love trems, I love smoked bursts, and I love the tiger eye color. This guitar covered them all. I am so pumped. I struck a chord the other day, put...
  12. prs19

    Upcoming NGD Spalted Tremonti SE

    ive never purchased a guitar direct from overseas but this one is something that I couldn’t pass up. Really digging Spalted tips lately and then the added flame is icing on the cake. Hoping the shipment and transactions go well. Should be about two weeks. Enjoy!
  13. prs19

    Happy Birthday PRSh!

    Happy birthday to the man himself. I mainly remember it because 5 years ago today my son was born. Didn’t know about Paul’s birthday at the time. I had a PRS T-shirt on in the delivery room too. Must be fate that I am a forever customer! ;)
  14. prs19

    Miss February!!!

    Miss February on the PRS PS Calendar is an absolute stunner! Anyone else get a chance to see it? Thoughts?
  15. prs19

    Carlos Santana Masterclass

    sww this on an Instagram feed this morning. Could be an interesting watch. The guitars are a beauty! I am not paid or endorsed by the masterclass site and don’t own anything from them yet. I have no idea the...
  16. prs19

    Used PRS Finish Question

    Just got a used Tremonti in that I bought in Reverb. For the most part the guitar is in great shape. One thing I noticed that worries me a little bit and have never seen are some spotted hazing in the finish that can be seen on the back of the guitar when held at certain angles. I’m not worried...
  17. prs19

    Sonzera 20 vs Custom 20

    May not be a fair comparison but I’d be curious to hear anyone’s take on the comparison between these two amps. Which clean do you prefer? Which gain do you prefer? Which covers more range? Which takes pedals better? Which has better low volume sound? Which one has a better cranked sound...
  18. prs19

    MT15 ‘Combo’

    i thought about buying one of these killer looking/sounding amps and designing a combo format shell for it. What would you guys think of that?
  19. prs19

    Private Stock Calendars I started a tradition many moons ago of buying three PS calendars around Christmas. Two of them went to my best friends and the third went to me. This originally started when there was a minimum order in the Accessory store. Now it’s become something they look...
  20. prs19

    Trading Guitar Tips

    I have found someone willing to trade a PRS for a PRS. Both are equivalent in appointments and value. We have agreed on a straight trade. I’m concerned in doing something outside of some type of escrow. Anyone have any experience doing this? It seems PayPal will but only with a monetary...