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  1. Bill SAS 513

    Hiking Shoes/Boots

    Why not...there's one in here for Bikes...:p:p:p I am a big fan of outdoor hiking...mostly mountainous areas. Smokies (whenever possible), West Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania (Michauex???), anything Appalachia, etc...and I have a Wide-Fat foot... kinda like the old CE-22 necks I adore. I...
  2. Bill SAS 513

    So Alex Lifeson did a thing...

    For those interested, he started a web site, apparently covering his various addition to being one of the BEST ...blah blah blah... (
  3. Bill SAS 513

    Crap...Tim Bogert (RIP)

    Dammit...gittin old is REALLY starting to suck now...But Neil, Eddie, and Tim are gonna make a helluva Heavenly Trio!!!
  4. Bill SAS 513

    Hollow body, anyone?

    I no longer work there, but Coffey Music in Maryland has a few really nice PRSi on consignment. HB in CSB, HB with piezo electric w/ Goldtop, Goldtop McSoapie, Stripped 58 in Whale Blue, Cu24 Emerald 10 top, of the older wider Archtop II with what should be a CSB 10 top and back! All...
  5. Bill SAS 513

    [email protected]#%^#$%^!!

    I saw mention of this topic in another thread, and wanted to ask all you'z guys/gals... It appears my left hand is starting to ache at the wrist (burning sensation), and on top of my hand. (just an aching pain behind my ring finger and pinky) Have any of you sought out treatment, or tried other...
  6. Bill SAS 513

    Vela Reclaimed for sale

    So I have a lead on a ever-so-slightly used Vela Re-Claimed…(Price /location) Saw it yesterday...lots of nail holes...neat piece!!! I think I did this I allowed to post the Store/location??
  7. Bill SAS 513

    Multiple Amp/Speaker selector idea

    Just finished reading in another thread about pedal platforms, and many folks here have multiple rigs...Just wanted to give a recommendation… I run a few tube heads (MT-15 and Dr-Z's) into a single 2 X 12" 8 ohm cabinet. To save from needing to plug/unplug every time I play a different head, I...
  8. Bill SAS 513

    Neal Schon Previously at Experience

    Ok, all...Can anyone tell me the piece Neal and Jonathan Cain played that evening when they serenaded us at the Experience a couple years back?? Pretty sure it was an older Journey instrumental, but can't put my finger on it...Thanks. (Going to see them in Dallas next week)
  9. Bill SAS 513

    Neil Peart RIP

    I figured everyone's heard...just wanted to say those 3 (especially Neil's lyrics) inspired my entire childhood...ok, and most of my adult-hood. Crap!!
  10. Bill SAS 513

    Neil Peart

    I figured everyone's heard...just wanted to say those 3 (especially Neil's lyrics) inspired my entire childhood...ok, and most of my adult-hood. Crap!!
  11. Bill SAS 513

    Homemade Hybrid??

    So I am attempting to do a Hybrid Hardware job to my older 3TSB Swampy... Does anyone know if you can remove the nickel screws from the McCarty PUs and replace with gold ones? If so, I'll be posting on Hans' Swap Thread post shortly. Thanks, all.
  12. Bill SAS 513

    Disappearing posts??

    Pretty sure I'd replied to the recent GC Not created Equal post, but just went back and didn't see my original posts??? Did I break any rules??
  13. Bill SAS 513

    HG-70 Head and cab

    So just noticed one on Reverb if anyone's interested...previously owned by Dann Huff, which is pretty cool, too...neat early amp.
  14. Bill SAS 513

    Burn down extra frets with Foreskin??

    Dear Moderators...could you please leave a certain spam thread up for a couple minutes, just so this makes sense...Thanks, and Happy Saturday! Just rub it on the higher frets! But be gentle. Anything over 24 is just plain silly!!
  15. Bill SAS 513

    More SPAM fun..."weight loss...rapid tone"...

    One more from the SPAM files...must be talking about chambered CU24, and Killer effects pedals with a quick picking hand, right??? I'm thinking Emil or John McLaughlin...???? Gotta be a "must read". Kinda looses it's luster when you guys remove the Original SPAM thread...#^#$%^&!!!! But I...
  16. Bill SAS 513


    OK, tell the truth...does anyone else here have lashes on their navel, or am I the only one???!!! Gotta be a Greek thing, I guess. That's the closest I've ever come to opening one of those stupid 'puter threads.
  17. Dirty_Boogie

    WTH...Rush or Bush...?????

    I'm going with Nickelback. :D
  18. Bill SAS 513

    WTH...Rush or Bush...?????

    Sorry, couldn't help myself...Happy Friday!!!!
  19. Bill SAS 513

    Why Not...Let's speculate...

    So, who would you like to see holding a new Silver Sky...I know at least one guy that's probably already thought about Mark Knopfler...Dare I say, Clapton, Gilmour...I would think David Grissom could really spank one, too. (I know, I know...DGT, and all, but still...)
  20. Bill SAS 513

    Bryan Ewald demos

    I really like the fact that he plays similar riffs on each pickup selection. I think it helps show the tonal differences between the pickup selections... Love the 24-08 PU selectors.