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  1. fretrat

    PRS JAM - March 2018

    Great idea... I'll check it out!
  2. fretrat

    First PRS, now with pictures

    Love the S2s... and that one's a beauty. Congrats!
  3. fretrat

    Dweezil Zappa Rig Rundown

    Wow...great article... very detailed. Also, kinda weird seeing Dweezil as a middle aged guy. Time really flies.
  4. fretrat

    My first NEW PRS of 2018 - YAY!

    What a beauty!
  5. fretrat

    Good/Bad day

    Glad you got out and are enjoying the 305... hard to soar like an eagle with a jealous turkey in the room
  6. fretrat

    Black Unicorn

    Gorgeous... looks like a blast to play too!
  7. fretrat

    NGD - PRS CE24 Amber

    Beautiful... thanks for giving us a looksee
  8. fretrat

    The Official "McCarty 594" Love Thread!!

    Honestly, I'm pretty stoked that out of all the guitars PRS makes... you hear them and see them every day... and you chose the 594 Shawn. Makes me feel like a chose wisely.
  9. fretrat

    The Official "McCarty 594" Love Thread!!

    That's a beautiful instrument and I love how you personalized it! I'm super pleased with my faded whale blue as well... just gorgeous.
  10. fretrat

    My first post, my first PRS

    Welcome aboard Dave! Would love to see a pic of your new axe!
  11. fretrat

    The Official "McCarty 594" Love Thread!!

    That bad baby is gorgeous! Congrats Shawn and thanks for sharing the building process with us!
  12. fretrat

    The Official "McCarty 594" Love Thread!!

    Thank you flux... after playing this bad baby for only a week I already have a feeling it's going to be a FANTASTIC year!
  13. fretrat

    The Official "McCarty 594" Love Thread!!

    Thanks g.wizz... I'm loving her but I know my GAS is only temporarily in remission as well. :p:p:p
  14. fretrat

    The Official "McCarty 594" Love Thread!!

    Santa brought me this faded whale blue 594 this year... so glad he didn't scratch it dropping down the chimney! I've been playing it for a week... absolutely love it!
  15. fretrat

    New Member? Welcome! Info about your new account inside

    Welcome Michelinho! From where do you hail? Boxing day would be Canada perhaps? Would love to see a pic of that Santana!
  16. fretrat

    50 Year Old Sh!tty Guitar Players Club... who's in?

    56 here. So sh!tty not even the dog will stay in the room when I play.
  17. fretrat

    Does your PRS make you a better player?

    I've sure been more in the mood to practice since I bought my 594 six weeks ago.... so I'd have to say YES
  18. fretrat

    Merry Christmas Dudes and Dudettes!

    Thanks man! Hope you and everyone on the forum have a fantastic holiday! And I hope there are lots of PRSi on board Santa's sleigh tonight.
  19. fretrat

    JM-PRS Strat....coming soon?

    LOVE me a PRS single coil signature stratoblaster!