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  1. Rosewoodsteel

    The Hansomatic Collection

    It's been a long time since I've been on any guitar forum. I'm so happy I jumped on here, tonight. Hans, your collection is outstanding! It was wonderful reading your stories and it brought back fond memories of the Experience. I hope all is well with you and your family. I pulled out...
  2. Rosewoodsteel

    Best NON 10 Tops out there??? Let's See Them!

    I posted this picture of my 89 on the old "Birds and Moons" forum. It was not stamped a 10.
  3. Rosewoodsteel

    Tennis Elbow suks! :-(

    11 top, yes I had tennis elbow. It hurt so much I couldn't even lift a coffee mug. I suffered with it for 3 months, hoping it would go away. I finally went to an orthopedic guy, got a cortisone shot and was given a list of exercises to do. The cortisone enabled me to exercise. I did so...
  4. Rosewoodsteel

    The "Name" Thread

    rosewoodsteel= John
  5. Rosewoodsteel

    Great loss. Jack Bruce.

    Great bass player. Great singer. Very sad indeed.
  6. Rosewoodsteel

    So....what did you pick up at Experience?

    I decided to sell all of my guitars and become a mountain man.
  7. Rosewoodsteel

    Let's talk about Beer, man!

    I had a few Belgium IPAs, last night. VERY GOOD!
  8. Rosewoodsteel

    Experience 2013 Face Thread

    I'll be there.
  9. Rosewoodsteel

    PRS Studio owners' Poll

    My old style Studio.
  10. Rosewoodsteel

    The "Name" Thread

    rosewoodsteel- John
  11. Rosewoodsteel

    1st PRS??

    You can snag a used Custom 24 for 1500.
  12. Rosewoodsteel

    Forum Contest #1 - Coming soon!

    We used to have pissing contests at the old forum.
  13. Rosewoodsteel

    Experience 2013 Artist list!

    Jamie M. will be there, as well.
  14. Rosewoodsteel

    1 day............. Dudes, I'm getting "Fired Up" !

    Doc, I believe I want to cancel that afternoon appointment..
  15. Rosewoodsteel

    Calm before the storm?

    Yes, I understand the topless dancers are ready, as well.
  16. Rosewoodsteel

    Experience 2013 Schedule!!!!

    It can't be half as funny as this one. :)
  17. Rosewoodsteel

    PSA: Secure Your Home

    I live in a septic tank. Don't think anyone wants to drop in.
  18. Rosewoodsteel

    Okay ->name ONE good thing about NOT getting to go to the Experience!

    You won't wet your pants going over the bridge.
  19. Rosewoodsteel

    WEDNESDAY night Experience roll call thread

    Be prepared to fork out a lot of dough at the bay bridge. I've heard the toll has been raised again.