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    TC electronics flashback delay

    I have the Flashback and think it's great, the looper function is also a handy addition. The Tri-Chorus toneprint is nice to have and means I don't need a separate chorus pedal.
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    Post your fixed bridge PRS

    PRS SE Fredrik Akesson
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    SE Mods

    Sorry only just noticed this reply. Yes the guitar plays very well now and sounds fantastic. I'm delighted with the upgrades. They are indeed jumbo frets and a ebony fretboard.
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    Blindfold PRS Guitar Test - Custom 24 Range

    Sorry I looked to see if someone had posted the video but didn't realise it was in the amp thread.
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    Blindfold PRS Guitar Test - Custom 24 Range

    This was a fun video from Chappers and The Captain. The American models do look stunning.
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    NGD "Bernie" is here :)

    Lovely guitar, congratulations.
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    PRS SE Bernie Marsden

    I opted for a bone nut and the previous owner of my guitar had fitted locking tuners. This is my first guitar to have those and I do like them.
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    PRS SE Bernie Marsden

    My PRS SE Akesson is a lovely guitar with some great quality but the nut that came as standard was terrible, I don't know if the Marsden has a better quality nut as standard.
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    Time to rewire se245

    I installed CTS 500k audio taper pots with orange drop .022 caps and vintage wiring into my SE Akesson. Delighted with the results.
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    Hard Case for SE ZM????

    Yes I tried several cases including a Gibson LP OEM and none of them fitted the Akesson. The neck angle must differ from the LP and it was raised upwards out of the case. Raising the body of the guitar to lay the neck flat then made the bridge sit high and the case would not close.
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    Hard Case for SE ZM????

    I have yet to find a hard case which is suitable for my Akesson, every case I tried at my local store was no use.
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    PRS SE Standard Models?

    According to Andertons the back of the headstock says built by PT Wildwood in Indonesia.
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    PRS SE Standard Range Review - Incredible value from PRS

    I read that this cheaper Standard SE range is made in Indonesia, helps lower the cost.
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    PRS SE Standard Range Review - Incredible value from PRS

    I'll watch this when I get home tonight, I've been interested to see and hear what this new budget version is like. Always enjoy the Anderton's videos too.
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    SE Mods

    Loving the Slash set, so much more tone and warmth than the stock pickups. The wiring change has helped greatly too, much more sound variation and the tone cleans up great with a small roll back of the volume. I hadn't realised they'd discontinued the Akesson for 2015.
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    SE Mods

    PRS SE Fredrik Akesson. Seymour Duncan Slash pickup set, bone nut, CTS 500k audio taper pots, orange drop .022 caps, Schaller locking tuners, Schaller strap locks. The volume and tone controls have been configured to a standard LP setup with 50's vintage wiring.
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    Those look great. I want to eventually buy the same for my PRS but i am struggling to justify the £50 asking price for 4 of them.
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    What SE should I buy?

    My last guitar before moving to the PRS Fredrik Akesson was a Ibanez with wizard neck and a floyd rose trem. No regrets from having made the swap, the PRS is the best guitar I've owned. The scale length suits me perfectly as does the neck shape, I have fairly small fingers and so far this is the...
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    Show your SE!

    My SE Fredrik Akesson with various upgrades.
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    PRS SE 245 vs. Gibson Studio Less Paul

    I owned a Gibson LP Studio back in 2002 and it was a lovely guitar to play. I recently purchased a SE Akesson and after replacing the electrics, fitting SD pickups and a bone nut I can honestly say it is a far superior guitar to my old LP. As standard the Akesson was a lovely guitar but the...