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  1. LindseyP

    Moon Me!

    This is what it looked like when I got it: - and, ... This is what it looks like now: -
  2. LindseyP

    Moon Me!

    - 2007 CU24, Blue Mateo, one-piece "10" top. Standard neck (called "Pattern" now). HFS/VB pickup set. NOT for sale. EVER!
  3. LindseyP

    DGT push/pull tone control !

    That's the technique I learned how to use.
  4. LindseyP

    DGT bridge pick-up contenders? My first PRS!!!

    I have had two DGTs, I wouldn't recommend changing a thing on them except the strings, but that's just me. I would recommend doing that first then decide. My two DGTs did not sound exactly alike so it could be the overall tone of the guitar.
  5. LindseyP

    NBD the future owner of my guitars is...

  6. LindseyP

    does your #1 change?

    My #1 changes all of the time, sometimes once per week :D
  7. LindseyP

    Thought Experiment - Write Like You Speak.

    Writing "like I speak" is pretty much what I do since proper speaking is the way I was reared. Spending the past 30 years as a journalist has pretty much cemented my speaking and writing style. What you've just read is what you will hear in person.
  8. LindseyP

    NGD My first PRS : Custom 24 10 Top Darck Cherry Sunburst 2013

    Which pickups, 50/09 or 57/08? I like both. Welcome to the CU24 Club.
  9. LindseyP

    PRS Studio vs 513

    Sweet choice.
  10. LindseyP

    Vermillion - music with my daughter

    Good job with "Vermilion" but I REALLY like "Parabola."
  11. LindseyP

    Lily Was Here / A tune made for a PRS P22 :D

    The acoustic part -- that was also the P22? What did you record through? I have noticed the P22 acoustic sounds on YT seem more authentic than the P24 acoustic sounds but that's just me. I really like your demo.
  12. LindseyP

    "Pay Attention, 'Cause This Is For Real."

    Sergio, did you change one of the pickups in your guitar or is it just the lighting that makes it look that way?
  13. LindseyP

    2012 Bernie Marsden, battle scarred

    Just posting pics, although the ax is slightly personalized and damaged. Don't judge me.
  14. LindseyP

    NGD! plus family shot

    Sweet family shot, Philby82.
  15. LindseyP

    2013 PRS 1980 West Street pics, 1 year later:

    I've had it for over a year but this is the first time the light and the timing have worked together for photos. Purchased from Eddie's Guitars in St. Louis, there used to be a YT vid of PRSH playing it in Eddie's shop about a month before I purchased it. _ Truss rod cover from Shark Inlay: _...
  16. LindseyP

    2013 PRS 1980 West Street pics, 1 year later:

    Disrobing: _ Full frontal: _ Brazillian fret board: _ Mahogany neck and back:
  17. LindseyP

    NGD, Part Two

    From one Bernie Marsden owner to another, HNGD!