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  1. Black-Viper75

    I uploaded a new song

    I'd like to share with you all my new song Forever Baby. This song music has 80's hard rock / metal vibes and the lyrics were inspired by my fiancée. There are unfortunately no vocals on this. I either need to get a good recording mic for vocals or better yet find kick ass vocalist. All...
  2. Black-Viper75

    PRS had made 2 prototype guitars for EVH

    I had no idea PRS had made 2 prototype guitars for Eddie Van Halen in the late 90's. I just found this out on Instagram. Here's the link
  3. Black-Viper75

    Help Me Choose Something New Amp Wise

    It’s been just over a month since my bar reopened and I’m back at work after a rough 15 month shut down by the pandemic and as expected I’m already thinking “save cash for new gear”. So I’ve started looking for something new amp wise and I could use some help. I got back into playing guitar...
  4. Black-Viper75

    Now I Just Need A PRS Dragon Guitar...

    ... and the winning lottery numbers to score the cash for one :D. New guitar strap day for me and I took this pic of it. Once I saw the Dragon's Eye design I just couldn't resist. Leather strap designed and made by Minotaur Guitar Straps here in Greece. Top quality strap, great padding and...
  5. Black-Viper75

    First New Song Composed On My First PRS

    I’d like to share the first new instrumental I composed on my first PRS. I’m no pro, I’m self taught to be honest, but I love my hobby. I’m trying to get more comfortable and knowledgeable with recording and mixing at home using Reaper with amp and drum sims. I’ve been using Amplitube 4 for...
  6. Black-Viper75

    Should I Take My PRS With Me?

    Since the hotel bar I work at is still closed due to covid19 and isn’t opening anytime soon I’m going to be visiting my fiancée for a couple of weeks who works in the summer on a Greek island where she’s originally from. I’m thinking of taking take my 35th Anniversary SE CU with me but I’m kind...
  7. Black-Viper75

    Mr Paul Reed Smith On The No Guitar Is Safe Podcast

    Mr Paul Reed Smith is on the latest episode of the No Guitar Is Safe Podcast Episode 118. I'm going to have a listen now.
  8. Black-Viper75

    PRS 35th Anniversary SE Custom 24: My Review

    Hello everyone. This is my first attempt to do a guitar review. I purchased the 35th Anniversary SE Custom 24 a few weeks ago and I’d like to share my impressions and thoughts with the wonderful people on this forum for present and future reference on this outstanding guitar. Backstory: My...