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  1. Bainesbucker

    PRS Archon 50 - How long until it hits UK?

    Awesome thanks guys! :top: BB
  2. Bainesbucker

    Can you elaborate? New PRS 85/15 pickups?

    That is pure sex... :congrats::congrats: BB
  3. Bainesbucker

    PRS Archon 50 - How long until it hits UK?

    Hey guys, I was super excited to see the Archon 50 announced and have just started to see the US delers get theirs into stock. Does anybody know how long it will be until the UK or Europe dealers even get theirs for pre-order? Shawn? Thanks for the help in advance! BB :evil:
  4. Bainesbucker

    Zach Myers - My mods

    Very nice! In my opinion ALL the SEs are begging to be modded and made into Tone-Monsters! Glad you did this. BB
  5. Bainesbucker

    PRS SE245 Pickups in SE Tremonti Custom - Impressed!

    I have the exact same guitar as you my friend and here's what I did: 1. Put a Tremol-no to hardtail it, I'm not much of a bar guy and the damn thing wouldn't stay in tune! 2. Replace All Pots with CTS 550k volumes and 500k push-pull tones. 3. Replace dodgy input jack, Switchcraft of course! 4...
  6. Bainesbucker

    Incoming NGD x 2

    For the ZM I recommend this Schaller Bridge; so stable, looks cool (in my opinion) and those finetuners! I'm REALLY interested to see what you do with the 7 also... BB
  7. Bainesbucker

    PS 4715 - Completed = Future NGD Coming!!

    Black Knobs and Black Stop Tail, that would be bad to the bone! BB
  8. Bainesbucker

    Private Stock Friday

    During my brief stay in the 'finished guitars' section of Private Stock, I immediately realized I could never play anything other than a PRS... Damn it yo guys, you've got me for life! BB
  9. Bainesbucker

    new models

    It's true, I would have to kill you all... BB
  10. Bainesbucker

    I have been to the Factory and seen the future! (Spoiler Alert)

    Ladies and Gentlemen, during my wonderful tour around the factory I got a quick look and bash on the Experience 2013 and jumping-jimmy-jesus-christ they may be the best yet! I wasn't allowed to take photos :(
  11. Bainesbucker


    Nice purchase dude, looks (and I assume sounds) like a beast! Now just my two cents but this with the new Seymour Duncan BLACK WINTER PUs will be bad to the bone... Enjoy the stock pickup by all means, but I eventually trade them out in my SEs. You kids have fun together now! ;) BB
  12. Bainesbucker

    The PRS SE your're dreaming about?

    I like the current line, I'd just like the violin carve! Also ebony 'boards as an option, then we'd have a deal! BB
  13. Bainesbucker


    Do you accept souls? BB
  14. Bainesbucker

    Design on a Dimebag III: The Revenge of Sergio

    Gods, this is going to be HENCH AS F**K! Good luck you crazy bastard... BB
  15. Bainesbucker

    String Gauge - What do you use?

    D'Addario 11s with the low E and A off a 12 set. Will take all the **** you can throw at it and is hench as ****. CAUTION : This is not for pussies! BB
  16. Bainesbucker

    P22 Artist Colour

    If it was me I would go with the blue fade, goes really nicely with the maple. That said either are great choices! You'll enjoy your P22 whatever one you get! BB
  17. Bainesbucker

    Tremonti SE Mods - Let's see 'em!

    Mulling over options to mod my SE Tremonti Custom, already got a Tremol-no in to lock that sucker down! What mods have you guys done to your Tremontis? Post pics and you shall receive love! Thanks BB
  18. Bainesbucker

    NGD - 2001 CE22

    I'm a sucker for a nice CE! Sadly you see so many bashed, scratched and dinged; I suppose they are workhorses... :( I congratulate you with extreme jealousy on your new child! BB
  19. Bainesbucker

    PRS Guitars: ? (New Slogan Thread)

    PRS Guitars - EXPLOSION
  20. Bainesbucker

    Thoughts on 'The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories)' guys?

    So I bought this album after having an unhealthy addiction to Prog-Rock/Prog-Metal for a while. And you know what I was surprised just how good (I think) it is! I'll be honest I didn't expect a solo alum from someone as 'far out' as Steven Wilson to be quite so epic/inyourface/explosion as it...