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    Switch layout question?????????

    Did PRS make a guitar back in the late 80s that had a volume, 5 way selector knob, and "sweet" switch for the control layout? No tone control knob.
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    Congrats to PRS for the 2017 SE line.

    They have put Pauls signature on the headstock with SE under it. Looks real good. Thats how it should have been all along IMHO. So congrats Paul Reed Smith on a great looking guitar.
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    That classic rock tone

    Ive come to the conclusion that the tone I chase and the tone I like best is that classic Marshall Plexi tone. Strat or Les Paul it doesnt matter, I like both through one, but its got to be a Plexi. So Ive decided that will be the amp I will eventually have. So my question is, do any of the...
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    PRS SE Custom 24 vs Fender strat Kenny Wayne Shepherd sig

    Hi all, I am trying to compare between an SE24 and a Strat KWS sig. Can anybody give me a ........ fair (I realize this is PS country, and there will be a bias) ...... rundown of the SE24 and a comparison to the Strat. THXn advancefor any and all help.