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  1. tacomadriver

    Best ear plugs?

    I'd like to suggest that instead skipping the Hearos you could try them first. Garrett used them for years so they must have worked. You may not need to wait years to move to custom-fit, molded ear protectors but it will give you a baseline to be able to appreciate if/when you get something...
  2. tacomadriver

    Best ear plugs?

    These work for me. I've worked around loud construction equipment most of my life and have used foam earplugs for at least 3/4's of the time. I have tinnitus that is louder in the left ear than the right. I find I prefer playing without earplugs but at a certain level it's crazy not...
  3. tacomadriver

    A Proper Cup of Coffee

    I love good coffee but I would not be drinking it if there was no caffeine. No morning coffee, no thank you. As someone that gave up all the other social drugs over 26 years ago I fully enjoy and appreciate my choices in coffee. I know folks that willingly spend $20+ for a bottle of wine that is...
  4. tacomadriver

    The Book Thread

    Thank you for that. I have it in my pile but haven't been able to start it yet.
  5. tacomadriver

    The Book Thread

    I like to read detective murder mysteries. Elly Griffiths, Dana Stabenow, Spencer Quinn, Henning Mankell, Alexander McCall Smith come to mind as series novels. If I like the characters I want to read more. I recently finished The Complaints by Ian Rankin and have another to read in the works...
  6. tacomadriver


    Moose munch, praline pecans, most concoctions of frozen sugar and fat, meatloaf and mashed potatoes, potatoe salad. There is none of that in the house. Did I mention pie yet?
  7. tacomadriver

    Bad English (not the band) and Poor Editing in the News.

    Hans, that tickled my funny bone. I think the top brass needs to treat there low wage underlings with courtesy and respect. In your example the C and H are a long way apart on the keyboard. That said I find proof reading has become a lost practice. Grammar! Hah! I don't write professionally...
  8. tacomadriver

    International GAS

    Wow! Just wow! Those are truly insane fees. I'm guessing these practices are to keep goods from outside your countries from competing with internal goods. Are there comparable high end boutique builders making gear in your countries? Does anyone know if there are similar fees buying...
  9. tacomadriver

    International GAS

    I've recently sold a number of effects pedals via another forum. Over half of the guys that contacted me where outside the US. I sold to a fellow in Norway and a couple to a guy in the UK. I also had interests from Canada. I know this is an international forum too. I lead a sheltered life here...
  10. tacomadriver

    To change it or not...

    I'm curious what attracted you to the guitar in the first place? I don't even want to think of how many times I've acquired a guitar and then start changing things only to end up letting the guitar go. Apparently for me it seems I liked it for what it was and then OCD/GAS starts to whisper in my...
  11. tacomadriver

    "Never underestimate the sheer impact of a thorough and proper setup..."

    Do you happen to have the Stewmac item # so I can check this out?
  12. tacomadriver

    "Never underestimate the sheer impact of a thorough and proper setup..."

    John, some of us are tool users and some of us not. Sounds like you have some skills with tools.
  13. tacomadriver

    "Never underestimate the sheer impact of a thorough and proper setup..."

    There are some things I can do to my guitars but when a Master Craftsman blesses a guitar the end result can be glorious. I few months back I bought an Antique White SE Singlecut. It had a wonderful fit and finish. The stock humbucker were nice but I specifically bought the SE to put two of Pete...
  14. tacomadriver

    What Cables are you using?

    I changed from Mogami to Solid Cables. A couple of years ago I asked one of the guys at McKenzie River Music about them. I wanted to know how much of the description and reviews was "snake oil" or "I payed a lot for these so they sound better." He said he was using them but if I didn't like them...
  15. tacomadriver

    PRS Guitar Registration

    I sent my registration in a couple of months ago but got no reply of any kind. I did get the PRS gift pack so I know they at least got the registration card.
  16. tacomadriver

    NF3 Maple Neck

    I talked to a fellow named Matt at PRS yesterday about the maple neck. If I understand it right there is no finish, just a clear coat. Matt told me Paul uses Behold.
  17. tacomadriver

    So where are these "Dead Spots" I keep hearing about?

    I'm getting the impression that the term dead spot refers to more than one phenomenon. The SE Singlecut I bought a few months ago had a three fret dead area post setup, 12-14 frets on unwound strings barely sustained. It now plays perfect after having the frets leveled and crowned. The other...
  18. tacomadriver

    NF3 Maple Neck

    Thanks David. I thought I'd remembered seeing the word impregnated somewhere but it is not in any of the product description pages for 2013. It really is a great feeling finish. I guess I'll have to call them on Monday if no one else knows.
  19. tacomadriver

    NF3 Maple Neck

    I'm looking for more information on the solid maple neck on my NF3. The back of the neck feels almost like it is smooth, bare wood. It seems like I remember reading something like the finish is absorbed into the wood. Is there any prescribed maintenance?
  20. tacomadriver

    Narrowfields.......Lets see them!

    Absolutely stunning!!! Someday I too will have a Swamp Ash guitar with trans-red finish.