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    Recommendations for an amp to complement an Archon 50 combo

    I've just bought an Archon 50. Actually, I bought an Archon two months ago and received it less than a week ago. I'll spare you the details. Fortunately, it all worked out. So, now I've finally started down the path of proper amps - I've only ever had modelling amps before - and I'm looking for...
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    53/10s in an Archtop, and 57/08s in a Hollowbody?

    Hey all! I'm kind of a newbie around here but I've owned a PRS or two for over twenty years now. At the moment, among the guitars I'm lucky enough to own, I have a 1999 Archtop Spruce and a Hollowbody II from the same year, neither of which has the piezo option. Recently, I've been lucky enough...