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  1. aristotle

    Three Years Ago, Today (KL33/Thanksgivukkak Content) actual

    There's cool.... Then there is Sergio cool..... 'Nuff said.....
  2. aristotle

    Which narrowfield guitar?

    As an engineer, I hate absolutes because the universe is one big tradeoff. In this case though, there is an absolute. Look anywhere in the universe and you'll see the 2.726K cosmic background radiation. Look in the NF3 guitar universe and you'll see the 25th McCarty NF3 as an absolute.
  3. aristotle

    Why do people back out of agreed to deals?

    Man, you guys must have had different high school dating experiences than I did if this sort of thing comes as a shock. Date agreed to, but just need to make a quick call to set the time...and then crickets. Doesn't mean that all women stink, or even that those blowing me off stink (some of...
  4. aristotle

    Old PRSi?

    In terms of CU24 anyway, by far, I prefer the latest 30th anniversary models to the "vintage" ones. For my tastes anyway. That's not to take away from the gestalt of playing an older piece. I have a couple of 54 Les Pauls, and while the psychological playing experience is far and away better...
  5. aristotle

    Who else thinks PRS amps are...

    Agree with AP515 on both counts. My guess is that they won't do any better or worse than other amps with regards to holding their value. But, if you need to tell yourself that they'll go up in order to justify the purchase, then by all means, yes, they'll go up! :)
  6. aristotle

    PRS with P90's

    Lots of ones from 5 or so years ago. 245s, McCarty single cuts an double cuts. Plenty available on the used market. To my knowledge, nothing currently offered. I did see that MAPete has a new 594 with single coils, but I think that they were aftermarket. Check the usual suspects like...
  7. aristotle

    8ohm or 16ohm

    Actually, not really. Matching the speaker impedance with the output Impedance of the transformer is done to maximize power transfer to the load (the speaker). Mismatches cause reflections at the end of the transmission line (the speaker end), which travel back and hit the power transformer...
  8. aristotle

    The Official "McCarty 594" Love Thread!!

    This topic is way cool. This is a great example of why and how using other people's impression of a particular guitar to base a decision is so dicey. The sort of technique and sophistication that Kingsley plays with is so far beyond what I bring to the table. I completely understand what he's...
  9. aristotle

    Shutterbug Central

    Like with music, I like old-school with photography. Black and white film, developed at home. I'm too lazy to enlarge in a dark room any more... I scan the negatives and process with photoshop. The most fun for me is a rangefinder rather than an SLR. My manual focus Leica M6 loaded with the...
  10. aristotle

    594 vs DGT

    To me, the DGT offers a wider range of tones than the 594. Splits are more spanky on the DGT. The 594, split, is more subtle to me. Both great, just different. Regarding dual volume and tone controls, I find that I need that with the 594 for some reason, but not with the DGT. The DGT with...
  11. aristotle

    Being in a band, should it really be this difficult?

    Story of my musical life. Must be my winsome personality or something. I've never understood how I get the guys who play with me to play with me. In any case, for the OP, are the drums mic'd? In my experience, the issue is usually the opposite. Amp'd instruments overwhelming un-mic'd drums...
  12. aristotle

    Best Live Album?

    Didn't notice this thread when it was originally put out there... For me, no contest. Snuck into this bar at age 13, and was in the audience when this was recorded... Totally set my bar in terms of what live sound should be.
  13. aristotle

    Archon half power plus half the impedance?

    In a 4xEL34 class A/B push pull output stage, removing two of the output tubes from the circuit doubles the primary side impedance. If the secondary impedance remains unchanged, the windings ratio needs to double if you want to keep the impedance matched, which is what happens when you move the...
  14. aristotle

    Is there a Knob recommendation for my Quatro for pulling up?

    Gotcha. For Les, it hadn't occurred to me that it'd be a problem if you weren't in the heat of the moment, but I guess I do see that if you were having pincer problems it'd be a pain. For Alan, I guess I'm stuck in a coverband mentality. I gave the Zappa tune a listen (I'd never heard of it...
  15. aristotle

    Is there a Knob recommendation for my Quatro for pulling up?

    Just curious. I loves me some split coil tones on my PRS guitars but haven't yet run into the situation mid-song where I need to split coils with split second precision. Are you guys finding that that you are needing to split in a live setting mid song? Not saying that the concern isn't...
  16. aristotle

    Solid State Amp Watts VS Tube Amp Watts

    Seems to be some misconceptions here.... First, it really is true, by definition, that two identical signals of the same power, if applied to the same loudspeaker, will generate an identical SPL. Regardless of the particular components used to generate the signals. If you run a test where...
  17. aristotle

    P 22 - No sound when in piezo mode

    Actually, it depends on the guitar. The designer can choose to have the selector switch also disconnect the battery connection, or to provide a separate battery on/off switch. I have a Parker P39 that disconnects the battery depending on switch selector settings. There is a certain logic to...
  18. aristotle

    P 22 - No sound when in piezo mode

    I'm pretty sure that the answer to this is "yes". The only thing that the switch on the guitar does is to switch on the blend when you are plugged into the mag jack
  19. aristotle

    I'm about to make a bad decision....

    I'll be the odd man out regarding the SG playability. To me, the faded SG is bullet proof and the 490 series pickups are great for my tastes. Although the nut width is slightly less, unless you have monster hands, I just can't see it being an issue. I've never ever noticed it on any SGs, so...
  20. aristotle

    P 22 - No sound when in piezo mode

    Ah... The notorious P22 battery drain problem. It isn't a problem at all so long as you unplug the cable from the guitar jack. Leave the cable in the guitar and it'll be dead by the next morning. Doesn't matter which jack you're plugged in to if memory serves. I've done this a dozen time at...