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  1. Gemal

    Need Help installing DGT Pickups on my 5 way Rotary Custom 22

    Hi Guys, I just got a set of used DGT pickups and I wanted to replace the dragon 2's in my 96 custom 22. The dragons have the three colored wires, while the DG's have a black, a white and the outer shield. How do I account for the missing wire...basically I want to keep as much as possible the 5...
  2. Gemal

    What SE should I Buy?

    Hello guys, Long time PRS player looking to find a fill in SE to add to my collection. My current guitars are, 97 cu 24 with trem 96 cu 22 stop tail w dragons 1 98 SAS w trem 2010 prs 305 w trem. I want to add a low cost prs but I'm looking for a guitar that doesn't duplicate what...
  3. Gemal

    Any easier way to find out what pickups I have on my cu22?

    Hi y'all, long time bammer, 1st time posting here. Nice place to get answers and trade information. So I picked up a used mint 96 custom 22 recently on a trade. The previous owner received this as a gift from his brother in 96, however since the seller was a strat lover, the prs sat in a closet...