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  1. Omega Woods

    Electric Cars

    In a sane world, the answer would be "nuclear baseload with hydro, solar and wind peakers."
  2. Omega Woods

    Do your Fingers kill your playing?

    Anytime I complain to my wife about my small hands and short fingers she says "Django Reinhardt". That helps to remind me that all manner of physical differences can be overcome with diligence.
  3. Omega Woods

    PRS SE Paul's Guitars

    I just bought a used red one from Reverb after playing one at GC a few month's back. I really liked the one I played. I'll post up a thread when I receive it.
  4. Omega Woods

    SilverSky String action and pickup height

    Thanks! I went to 9-46 right after posting. It's much better for me. No issues with buzz, intonation or setup that I can detect.
  5. Omega Woods

    Introduce yourself!

    Made an Avatar but not a very good one. I'll fix it later. I'm not having any luck uploading a picture of my SS.
  6. Omega Woods

    SilverSky String action and pickup height

    I'm a new SS owner and mine seems to have higher action than I was expecting. I'm not going to change it yet, I know enough about machines (I was a nuclear machinist mate in the Navy) to know that unqualified tweaking usually leads to poor outcomes. Would you strongly recommend against lighter...
  7. Omega Woods

    Introduce yourself!

    Hello everyone. I have recently returned to the world of guitar playing after a long absence. My most recent acquisition was a Dodgem Blue Silver Sky after considering all the Strat-esque options available to me. Not really being able to go to the guitar store and play 25 Fenders to find "the...