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  1. LerxstFan

    Installing a Floyd Rose on a CU24?

    The PTC price is not cheap, but the work will of the highest quality. For this guitar, nothing less. The PTC work is way cheaper than a used American CU24 FR, but I will consider your suggestion ; )
  2. LerxstFan

    NPSD (Custom 24-08 Content)

    That's a beauty!! Love your specs and the top and color are stunning and a great match!
  3. LerxstFan

    Installing a Floyd Rose on a CU24?

    I really like the guitar, had it for 8 years. Just miss having a FR trem. The guitar has already been sent to the PTC for a new nut and jumbo frets a year or two ago, so I know the work will be awesome.
  4. LerxstFan

    Installing a Floyd Rose on a CU24?

    I agree with you - a most wise statement! lol Seriously, all-time favorite band!
  5. LerxstFan

    Installing a Floyd Rose on a CU24?

    Hi all - I'm considering having the PTC install a Floyd Rose on my CU24 which has a PRS trem. Has anyone had that work done? Just curious how you like it, and what the work looks like - thank you!
  6. LerxstFan

    2016 Experience Photo & Gossip Thread

    [/URL][/IMG] Boscoe France was great - bluesy, funky, technical, great slide, and vocals. His original tunes and were cool. He was having a good time. I love that Paul invites so many different artists that I can get turned onto. I never knew Dave Weiner's music until the 2010 Experience...
  7. LerxstFan

    2016 Experience Photo & Gossip Thread

    Ziricote and Brazilian Rosewood - both are lookers. [/URL][/IMG]
  8. LerxstFan

    2016 Experience Photo & Gossip Thread

    [/URL][/IMG] Why are these people smiling? Because they're having such a great time! The playing was truly jaw dropping. The call and response soloing between Michael Ault and David Grissom on the PRS Band song, Man On The Moon, was killer. Even Paul was blown away and said to the crowd...
  9. LerxstFan

    2016 Experience Photo & Gossip Thread

    [/URL][/IMG] Corey Glover helping out and Prince's guitar player, Mike Scott, on an awesome version of Purple Rain with inspired soloing.
  10. LerxstFan

    2016 Experience Photo & Gossip Thread

    Here are a few pics - [/URL][/IMG]
  11. LerxstFan

    2016 Experience Photo & Gossip Thread

    The man himself playing a little something : )
  12. LerxstFan

    2016 Experience Photo & Gossip Thread

    Some Black Stone Cherry rocking! Had not heard them before and liked a lot of the tunes they played. They just drifted into this for a few and went right back into their songs.
  13. LerxstFan

    NGD - McCarty from Experience

    KILLER top and neck!! I have a 2009 Experience guitar and know what you mean about how the neck feels. Really, the flame and burst on your guitar are amazing. Congrats!!
  14. LerxstFan

    A simple thank you to PRS (albeit a little long)

    Great looking guitar! That'll be a player for sure : )
  15. LerxstFan

    Experience PRS 2016 Periscopes

    Thanks for sharing! The Saturday night lineup and playing was jaw-dropping! I saw Living Colour back in '93 just after their first album came out. They haven't lost anything since then.
  16. LerxstFan

    Introduce yourself!

    Hi all - I was on BAM for a few years, which only increased my need for more PRS guitars. I got into guitar in the late 80's and learned about PRS when I went to visit Drome Sound in Albany, NY when I was in college with my roommate who worked there part-time. As I was trading in my Kramer...
  17. LerxstFan

    EXP2016 Early Bird Registration is now open!

    Yes to all that! It's an absolute blast! I went to the 2010 event and met great people and learned a LOT about the guitars and company. The artist showcases, demos, and lessons - all of it was amazing! I'm psyched to being going back this year - may need to get a new CE and come full circle...
  18. LerxstFan

    Singlecut S2 Tonal Issues

    +1 on the Suhr Doug Aldrich bridge pickup - lots of gain and output, thick tone. I have been using one in my '85 Tribute for the last few years
  19. LerxstFan

    Just ordered The PRS Guitar Book: A Complete History of PRS Guitars

    Awesome book! I have one of the old hard cover ones that I pulled a centerfold out of, like a dope. I also have the last edition, too. So much good info, but I read it for the pictures ; )