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  1. cpark_12

    NGD: S2 Vela in Vintage Mohogony

    So...I wasn't even looking for a new guitar, but I got an email from Sweetwater, got to looking around on their site, and this one tugged on my heart! I loved the color and started watching videos on it. That was it...I snagged it up quick like! It came in today, but I haven't plugged it up...
  2. cpark_12

    NGD: Zach Meyers SE

    So, I've had an SE Santana for a year or so now and it's been my main guitar since I played it for the first time. I love it! I can get such a good sound out of it and play so many styles of music with it. Well, I happened to be on the other day and they had 2 ZMs in stock. I...
  3. cpark_12

    NGD is here finally!!

    It came better than described! I took a chance and bought it on Ebay. They told me it didn't come with the whammy bar. Well, it came last night and it turned out to have the whammy bar in one of the zippered pouches! It also has Grover locking tuners, a graphtech nut set up for 10's, and it...
  4. cpark_12

    NGD in the near future for me!!

    I recently bought an '08 SE Singlecut a little over a month ago and I LOVE IT!!! Well, I just found a hellacious deal on a 2013 Santana SE and couldn't help myself, so it's on it's way:biggrin: I hope it lives up to all the great reviews I've read!
  5. cpark_12

    Another SE 245 pickup question

    I have an '08 SE Singlecut and have been reading about the SE 245 pickups sounding better. Are they really that much better? I've seen them on Ebay for around $50 for the set. I don't have a complaint about the stock pickups in the Singlecut now, I just want to try some others just to see how...
  6. cpark_12

    My first PRS! An '08 SE singlecut...

    I got into playing about 7 years ago or so. I started out a Tokai SilverStar that my dad brought back from Japan in '84 I think. I still have it and have since added a Line 6 Variax 5, a Carvin SC90S, an American Strat, and a Taylor GS Mini-E. I just came across a PRS SE Singlecut in Blue...