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  1. Perry

    513 Pickups Swap?

    I’m fast falling out of love with the pickups in my 513. At home volumes the guitar sounds perfect, but playing live, the neck pickup in particular seems to take on a life of its own, becoming microphonic in behaviour. My Custom 24 in the same situations has no such problem. I have checked...
  2. Perry

    Tremolo arm bush

    So, although my tremolo arm tension adjustment screw is screwed in fairly tight, I think that, after 10 years of whammy action, the black plastic bushing down inside the trem block is not gripping the arm sufficiently around its perimeter. If I screw the tension screw in any further, I cannot...
  3. Perry

    PRS 513 Pickups

    Has anyone wax potted a set of microphonic 513 pickups? I’m assuming it’s not a problem if the attached pcb is wax dipped too?
  4. Perry

    PRS 513 Wiring Schematic?

    Does anyone have a PRS 513 wiring diagram they can post here please? A search for schematic links in other posts elsewhere lead to ‘page not found’ or similar. I’m hoping someone downloaded a PDF in the past that they can share. Background to this is I’m trouble-shooting a shrieking...
  5. Perry

    Removing 513 Pickups?

    I tried searching for past posts on this so apologies if it has been covered before. My 2011 513 has what I can only describe as a very microphonic neck pickup (or pair of pickups to be exact as it is actually two single coiled pickups twinned on a PCB). I had my first post-lockdown gig...
  6. Perry

    Volume pot loose shaft

    The volume pot on my 2011 513 seems to have a loose shaft. Removing the lampshade knob and waggling it slightly I can feel the play. Tapping it also produces an audible mechanical ‘slap’ in the shaft. The control seems to be working fine but I find it annoying when I hear my hand make contact...
  7. Perry

    Vintage Bass PU - not feeling the love

    I have a core Custom 24 with HFS and Vintage Bass pickups. Whilst I love the HFS, I have never really bonded with the VB. I find it lacks character both in full humbucking and single coil (tapped?) modes. Has anyone else found the same and, if so, what did you swap it out with?
  8. Perry

    Need to swap out my CU24 Vintage Bass

    So I have had my CU24 for over 10 years and have never been truly happy with the sound of the VB. I think it lacks the character and versatility of the bridge HFS. A couple of years ago I swapped out the 5-way rotary to PRS’ 3-way conversion kit with the tone control coil split (or tap?). I...
  9. Perry

    CU24 lacking character?

    I have a 2002 Custom 24, which physically, plays very well and yet lately, I feel lacks character. It has the standard HFS/VB PUs but I swapped out the 5-way switch for the PRS kit 3-way toggle and coil tap via the tone control. As with all my guitars it is strung with 10-46 gauge strings and...
  10. Perry

    Another switch conversion question....

    I am considering the 5-way rotary to 3-way toggle conversion kit, but am unable to find out whether the resulting middle position will give me the single coil from each pickup in series or in parallel. One of my favourite sounds using the existng 5-way, is position 8 below, but the only info I...