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  1. Mr.Koozie

    I put pickup covers on my SE (pics included)

    I wanted to dress up my new SE Custom 24 a little so I bought some sliver plated nickel covers from Philadelphia Luthier Tools's website. Shipping was fast. The sizes are 50 mm and 52 mm. I wondered whether or not I would like them with the existing black mounting rings but I think it looks fine...
  2. Mr.Koozie

    SE Custom 24 in sapphire - My Black Friday score

    I finally got around to taking some pics and uploading them. This is the guitar I had my eye on for a full year, so when I saw the deal I pounced. It's gorgeous, plays real smooth, sounds amazing, and is very comfortable in my arms. I don't like the super light strings so I have a set of 10's on...