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  1. Drlepp

    What is your next PRS and why?

    A SC 594 ’20 in Yellow Tiger, because I regret selling my DC 594 ’16 in Whale Blue to fund another guitar acquisition. I’m actually trading it against my Cu24. I never liked the pattern thin neck but only realized this after trying the fatter PRS necks. Here it is: But I like the back even better:
  2. Drlepp

    NGD McCarty SC - Smells like fish

    I find it very comforting to learn you’ve narrowed it down to what species and what stage it it’s life it smells like. Hopefully you’ll find support in all these helpful comments.:) Seriously, this thread made my day. You guys make me smile. To rub it in a little bit more - My latest PRS smells...
  3. Drlepp

    NGD - Paul's Guitar!

    Should we stop holding our breaths for the photos? My face is getting slightly blueish.:confused: (Sorry - no pressure - it’s Friday, I’ve had a relaxing beer and started thinking of PG:s - as we all do from time to time)
  4. Drlepp

    When do you guys know its time to let one go to a better home..

    To quote the wise man and Swedish shredmaster Yngwie Malmsteen: "I have a philosophy: More is more, less is less. The idea that less is more is illogical." In all fairness he has said a lot of things. That being said, the fact you’re considering selling a guitar might be a sign that it’s time...
  5. Drlepp

    NGD - First Time PRS Owner

    Funny, that was my first thought - Awesome back! We’re spoilt seeing great looking tops. Congratulations and enjoy!
  6. Drlepp

    NGD - Paul's Guitar!

    You’ll need to go via a third party file sharing service, like imgur. Just copy the link to the .jpg and use the image tool. But you’ll probably need to post a few comments before you’re allowed to do this.
  7. Drlepp

    PRS....the perfect guitar????

    Great, now I need to shop for a DGT as well...:eek: It never ends, does it?
  8. Drlepp

    The grand opening - NGD!

    Congratulations, I’m happy for you! Looks so cool! For the better informed: Would the semi-HB version be considered only further weight relief or does that bring anything to the sound and feeling plugged in?
  9. Drlepp

    What is your next PRS and why?

    I’m starting to gravitate towards hollowbodies. Must be because my personal scheme of loosing weight backfired.:p Must be strong and resist the urge!o_O
  10. Drlepp

    NGD - PS 594 DC

    Top notch! I sometimes wish there was more nuance to the generic “thumbs up” reaction - this is one of those times.:)
  11. Drlepp

    Probably know what answer I'll get here, but Vela or Tele?

    Congrats, the Vela is one of those guitars that intrigue me (among many others) - it’s something different! I’m looking forward towards your NGD post! I was originally thinking I’d be the comedian and tell you to ask the same question in a Fender forum (what do you expect asking PRS people if...
  12. Drlepp

    Paul's Guitar grounding issue

    Interesting read - I’ve noticed my PG is somewhat noisier than both my Cu24 35th and 594 (all core), same setup etc, but it has never been an issue. I’ve been thinking it’s just the nature of the pickups. Please share the diagnosis, it’d be interesting to hear if this is normal. I might have a...
  13. Drlepp

    NGD - Paul's Guitar Black Gold Burst 10 Top

    Congratulations, looks great! Black gold burst looks really good on a PG, very classy in my opinion. I’ve myself come to the conclusion that my ’19 PG I posted a few weeks back is definitely my favorite guitar, maybe even the best guitar I’ve ever owned. If your PG is as good as mine I’m sure...
  14. Drlepp

    NGD - SE Paul's Trampas Green- Anniversary Guitar

    Thanks, that very neat! Personally I’ll try and slim down my board this year. I used to have a severe addiction to solder fumes (BYOC was my gateway), which started after I opened a $250 Fuzz Face and was surprised by the low parts count. I am recovering nicely though - instead, I spend way too...
  15. Drlepp

    NGD - SE Paul's Trampas Green- Anniversary Guitar

    Those are some cool mini pedals you’ve got there. Some of them DIY? I’m well aware this is off topic but would you care to tell us a bit about that board?
  16. Drlepp

    What percentage of your guitars are PRS?

    Holy smokes, unless you run a guitar shop, how do some of you guys manage to have so many guitar! I’m amazed and also I enjoyed reading your stories. I’m not a collector or musician, or even talented - I just sell less guitars than I buy, hence some accumulation. I’m down to a modest 9...
  17. Drlepp

    NGD - SE Paul's Trampas Green- Anniversary Guitar

    As a vaguely related side note - I got a bathroom rug when I turned 40 from the missus. Really ties the room together though. Can’t wait to see what I get when I turn 50!:) That being said: Great looking guitar, I’m happy for you.
  18. Drlepp

    NGD - Paul’s Guitar Copper

    You’re much too kind sir. I’ll make sure to sneak in a picture or two among all the other awesomeness that posted here. As for videos, that’d only expose me as the big hoax I really am. Objectively thinking, I don’t deserve my gear, but I’ll rather grow a beard than donate them!:p
  19. Drlepp

    Reflections on my new Paul’s SE

    That must be because of a combination of several factors, length, thickness of body and neck, the bridge, length and material etc. On paper nothing strikes me as peculiar but I must say my PG doesn’t feel like any other guitar I owned. Despite that, it feels very familiar to me, like an old...
  20. Drlepp

    NGD - Paul’s Guitar Copper

    Thinking out loud now - I think this guitar requires a beard. I better stop shaving!;)