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  1. Rocky2013

    NGD 2009 Modern Eagle 2

    Long time since I posted here, but blown away by this guitar. Came across this last week (huge bank balance risk with my son now working in a Guitar shop). Simply wonderful guitar. Sounds amazing, feels amazing, action is as low as you want it (and I like it really low) and someone else has...
  2. Rocky2013

    NGD Hollowbody II - on the slippery slope

    Well, after my first PRS (PS Single Cut McCarty Glow) back in May, I've been converted to PRS. I've always wanted a guitar that looked like a 'classical' orchestral instrument. This arrived yesterday... Absolutely love it and haven't even had a chance to plug it in to an amp yet! I love my...
  3. Rocky2013

    New Guitar - Help Needed - Challenge for the Forum!

    Dear All, I previously posted my first thread, following my firs PRS purchase. I was asked to post pics and hopefully I have now worked out how. Now, here's the challenge - I name a lot of my guitars, but I'm struggling to think of a name for this one. I have a Suhr with an ebony...
  4. Rocky2013

    New to PRS

    Hey everyone, I'm new to PRS. I know I'm preaching to the converted, but I've been searching for my personal 'Holy Grail' for years and I've just purchased a PS Single Cut....I think I just found it. I'd post pics if I knew how, but it's Gloss Mcarty Glow with 57/08s and the European spec of...