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  1. bricel24

    Pickups Suggestions: 2012 P22 non trem

    I have a P22 that I've had for a few months now. I like everything about it, except for the sound I am getting from the 53/10 pups. To my ears, it sounds too compressed and tinny with dirt, but it may just be how its designed. I am not a metal player and probably the highest gain I sometimes go...
  2. bricel24

    NGD: 2012 P22

    Scored this instrument online and arrived yesterday. Fantastic instrument! Meet "The Smiths".
  3. bricel24

    Another NGD: This one is the keeper

    So after a thread that I created not too long ago acquiring a 2001 CE22 Maple Top and decided to return it, I made the better decision of replacing it with this. 2012 DGT Standard in Frost Blue. I took it to my local luthier for a proper set up and once over, downsized the strings to 10s and...
  4. bricel24

    NGD: 2001 PRS CE22 Maple Top

    Just received this thing two days ago from Dave's Guitar Shop (thanks, guys!). Sounds fantastic, it's in great shape but definitely has seen it's days as a workhorse. However, I am still contemplating if I should return it, as I feel that it doesn't have the tone and mojo I was expecting. It...
  5. bricel24

    SE Custom 24 + Planet Waves locking tuners

    I'm on the market for locking tuners for my SE CU24 and while I do know for a fact that the Grover 406c set are popular around here, I was looking at the Planet Waves auto-trim locking hardware (model # PWAT-331L). Reason being is I like how it looks with the black post and chrome hardware...
  6. bricel24

    NAD: PRS SE 20 Combo

    Stole it from a local GC today. Can't wait to get home and fully with play it. They lost the footswitch but for the price, I could care less.