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  1. Drlepp

    NGD - Paul’s Guitar Copper

    So this arrived today, ‘19 Paul’s Guitar in Copper. I wasn’t actively shopping for a new guitar, and certainly not for a brown guitar, but then I thought “Why not, life is short”?:) When I recently got my first PRS I was considering Cu24, 594 or a PG. Then I broke the bank and got all three in...
  2. Drlepp

    Natural finished backs - Wood grain

    Hi, My experience with PRS guitars is admittedly modest to say the least so I turn to you guys for your extensive knowledge. I’m looking at guitars at the web, as you do because of the (n+1) algorithm for “the number of guitars that you need”, “n” being the current number. This Core PG in...
  3. Drlepp

    I’ve caught the bug: Got a Cu24 35th Anni - What’s next?

    Hi, New member, short time lurker and surprisingly new to PRS. Sorry in advance for the long post, just skip to the last paragraph if I bore you. These past 25 years or so I’ve only had eyes for Fender Jazzmasters and Jaguars and, until a year ago or so, I wouldn’t have looked twice at a PRS...